Resolutions Crossed Off My list!

Give up Coke for the whole month ~ THIRTY ONE DAYS! WHOO HOO!
Mail Team in Training letters
Put reusable grocery bags in car
Write Christmas Thank-you notes
Follow up with health insurance on MRI bill
Pack up, organize & store Christmas decorations
Make a vet appointment for Callie
Drink a cup of green tea every night
Paint half bath
Start taking my Metformin every day
Organize Pantry
Unpack Farm dishes
Organize gift cards in change purse from Grammy
Make a trip to Goodwill with items to donate
Finish linking all accounts to BOA "My Portfolio"
Don't eat out for 1 week
Establish maintenance schedule for rental properties
Organize tupperware and lower cabinets
Sort through crochet bag
Sort and organize ALL paperwork (in dresser, kitchen & file cabinet)
Set up recycling bins
Take clothes to the dry cleaners
Organize coat closet
Start a family activity calendar
Update Baby Book
Start a "Household Management Binder"
Set up a "Birthday Calendar"
Clean out keychain
Order wedding photos
Walk or run 6 days per week
Brush dogs every day for a week

Give up bread with dinner & baked goods for the month (Ugghhh... TWENTY ONE Days! Had to start over once.)
Make wipes solution
Try G-diapers
Organize Laundry Room
Order a subscription to the Sunday paper
Pack up maternity clothes
Open a savings account for Andy
Make a vet appointment for Milo
Sign up for Upromise & Publix Baby Club
Organize my closet
Thank you note to Aunt Sue
Read one book
Make dividers for my coupon book & finish organizing it
Print and laminate cleaning schedule & Matt's checklist
Cook & freeze ahead 5 meals
Paint Built-Ins
Make an eye doctor appointment
Clear out office
Touch up paint on stair walls
Set up payment plan for MRI bill
Set up automatic savings account
List 3 things for sale on Craig's List
Move Andy's Tub Toys
Make cleaning kit
Clean and organize kitchen "junk drawer"
Schedule 3 play dates
Create monthly meal menu and shopping list
Create file boxes and filing system for paperwork

No fast food for the month (THIRTY ONE DAYS! Chick-fil-A's monthly revenue surely took a hit! ha ha)
Make Doubletree reservation
Order checks
Get rid of our cable TV
Re-evaluate cell phone plan
Mail Team in Training paperwork in
Give Team in Training donation request to Matt's boss
Send in church tithes
Get new floor mats for the car
Sort through & clean out containers in garage
Put a trash can in the laundry room
Make & send picture disk to my mother in law
Clean the master bedroom
Make a receipt box
Organize instruction manuals
Organize CD's, DVD's and video games
Add new pages to my home management binder
Paint the nightstand for the nursery
Start a recipe book
Start a food journal
Buy April birthday cards
Hang blinds in the master bedroom
Have a "date night" with my husband
Paint the master bedroom
Make a dermatologist appointment
Make a dentist appointment
Drop Off Food To Church Pantry
Caulk quarter round molding in downstairs
Break down paper board for recycling
Create working task list for Kidzola
Order Dog Bed

No Starbucks for the month (THIRTY DAYS! WHOO HOO!)
Fill out and mail USAA form and US Census
Ask about volunteering in the church nursery
Send in form for movie rewards program
Mail April birthday cards
Make Andy's 2 year appointment
Organize cook books
Hang a clothes line in the backyard
Clean out linen closet
Clean out guest room closet #1
Start a compost bin
Return leftover hardwood floors and buy thresholds
Refill prescriptions
Make returns to Publix and Target
Paint family room
Hang blinds in family room
Set up webcam
Touch up paint in half bath and hang pictures
Make cushion for bench on stair landing
Clean out guest room closet #2
Put away all of the garage "stuff"
Lower utility rate with SCE&G
Get a price quote to have phone jack and cable jack installed in the office
Call warranty department about cabinet and bathroom floor
Paint door to under stair storage
Make a batch of homemade dog treats
Start a car maintenance binder
Buy sheets
Mail presents
Start using Twitter

Walk the dogs every day for the whole month (THIRTY ONE days and counting!)
Update Team in Training page
Take the online church nursery volunteer training class
Make strawberry preserves
Get landscaping approval from H.O.A.
Update e-mail address with USAA
Bake chocolate chip cookies from scratch
Put wedding photos in album
Sign up with Thirty-One Gifts
Landscape front lawn
Mail tax signature form to CPA
Mail in alarm registration form
Return recalled baby sling
Organize Andy's 1st year of baby pictures on a disk
Get rid of internet on phone (thanks Andy!)
Start potty training
Buy a flag and mount on front pillar
Paint office
Clean out guest room #2 dresser
Spackle holes from baby gates and touch up paint
Fix master bedroom door frame
Hang handrail in master bedroom
Install kitchen shelf
Pressure wash the driveway
Clean out kitchen "junk" cabinet
Create photo/keepsake box for my baby book and Andy's
Scan and e-mail lease
Put new piece of glass in hanging wall frame
Transfer Netflix
Send E-vite for Bachelorette Party
Read bible study book

Do a daily devotional every morning (THIRTY DAYS!)
Complete half marathon
Call about insurance bills
Call GE about dishwasher
Set up direct deposit
Download pictures off of camera card
Order TNT Thank you cards
Re-program thermostat
Submit railing application
Fix Matt's handprint plaque
Get a library card
Watch Grey's Anatomy
Put nail clippers, file and tweezers in purse
Refinish bed stand
Create art box for Andy
Recycle grocery bags
Stuff dog bed
Refinish rocking horse
"Spring" clean
Steam clean all the carpets
Establish filing system
Return work shirt
Return tie to Noah
Back up files
Organize home videos
Start business expense log
Put together Thirty~One binder
Call Carly
Start Mitford books
Finish quarter round

Take my Metformin every day ~ 29 Days... skipped 2 days in the middle)
Apply to 5 part-time jobs
Order Better Homes and Gardens subscription
Close bank account
Replace kitchen & front porch light bulb
Get a lid rack for pots
Donate blood
Wash carseat covers
Buy food scraps container
Organize coupon book
Overdue birthday gifts
Start wedding project for Jeff & Jaime
Organize lazy susan
Refinish desk
Order bridesmaid dress
Make "Give Thanks" sign
Finish hall closet
Touch up paint Andy's wall
Remove 30 items from the house
Get a ceiling fan for the bedroom
Refinish bedside table lamps
Start baby blanket
Mail shower invitations
Organize jewelry
Have a weekly planning session every Sunday
Start an activity file for Andy
Call tree removal people
Fill out new employment packet
Mail Netflix
Frame 12x12 picture of Andy & me
Make a family chore chart