Sunday, June 27, 2010

Creating an Art Box

So, Andy has been very into coloring lately... which I love! Do you want to know the other thing I love?... Washable crayons! Yup! They are the BEST! I don't have to panic when he runs right off the paper and onto the kitchen table with his drawing. Although, I must say, he does try to stay on the paper, and he knows his is only allowed to color on paper. He loves to ask us to draw things for him. His usual request is a turtle, but it can run the gamut from a sun, moon and stars, to penguins or fish, or even a worm. One time he asked for a wolf... I think I redirected him back to a turtle!

Anyway, his little crayons are migrating all over the place. Sometimes they are hard to keep up with, plus, he usually colors at the kitchen table and I'm always running into the office to get more printer paper for him to draw on, I made him an art box to contain everything!

I got this great plastic suitcase-like box for $5 at the craft store... slapped some letter stickers on it... and viola! I also got him a smaller plastic case to keep all of his crayons in. So, now we have a package of construction paper, his crayons, some washable markers and his container of sidewalk chalk all stored in one easy carrying case!

Oh, ya, and I also finally took the gazillion plastic grocery bags back to the store today to recycle them! They were completely filling up the cabinet under my kitchen sink. I've been doing pretty well lately remembering to use my cloth grocery bags, but I still had quite a few plastic ones from a while ago, and from more recent times when I forgot to bring my cloth ones in. I do like having a few around to use in bathroom trash cans, but the amount we had was just out of control. I feel much better having recycled them!

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