Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Today is June 30th and let me just say... it has been ridiculously hard to finish my list this month!!! And I'm still not completely done! I have three last things that I'll finish up this evening, and one that I delegated to my husband. I have been out of town waaaaay too much this month!!! It's just thrown me completely off. It's been hard to stay focused, hard to be organized, hard to plan meals, hard to stick to a budget, and hard not to be cranky at times!

I'm out of town again now, but it's been very relaxing and enjoyable. My Mom and Step Dad are staying in St. Simons Island for the week, so Andy and I drove down to Georgia yesterday. We are having a very nice time. This afternoon it's rainy and overcast though, so I've taken this time while Andy is napping to catch up on some of the remaining items on my list.

Before I left town, I returned a company polo shirt that I had never worn to my old place of employment. I can't even remember why they gave it to me... I think it was for a company photo, (okay, so maybe I wore it once). I found it when I cleaned out the dresser in the spare room last month. I didn't need to keep it, someone else can get some use out of it! I also returned my 3 year old neighbor's neck tie! His Mom had lent it to Andy for his baptism (8 months ago) and even though Andy didn't end up wearing it, it has been hanging on the door knob to his closet for the entire 8 months. I see this neighbor pretty much everyday, so I really don't have excuse for my slackness!

I have spent the entire afternoon today on the computer. I brought a flash drive with me on this trip so that I could back up all of our important files that I've just been saving on our desktop. I don't trust that Andy won't crash this computer won't crash one day and I will feel a total sense of despair. I had an issue with it last month and thought we were going to have to replace the operating system and I totally panicked! That's when it went on the list to back up files! It didn't take too long to do, so I need to just get in the habit of doing it more regularly.

I also copied all of the home videos I've taken with my camera since Andy was born and put them in one folder. They were scattered in folders all over my desktop from different downloads. I want to have them all in one place so that I can eventually burn them to a disk in order by date (not this month! That's for sure!)

And the last thing I did today was set up a business expense and mileage log for my
Thirty~One business. I've been an independent consultant for a little over a month now. I want to make sure I'm getting started off on the right foot as far as tracking business expenses goes. I just made a pretty simple spreadsheet with the following categories:

Cost Code

The second tab in my spreadsheet tracks mileage. The future me will appreciate getting this all set up now when tax time rolls around again. This afternoon I'm going to work on putting together a binder with a deconstructed catalog, helpful printouts, etc. to take with me for parties.
I'm glad June is almost over! And believe it or not, I already have my July list made. I keep thinking it's going to get harder to come up with a list each month... but it hasn't yet!


  1. I find your blog to be an absolute inspiration! And since I enjoy visiting and seeing all the things you do I've decided to become your newest follower.

    Have a blessed day,
    Jen -

  2. I just had to share how inspired I was with what you've done here on your blog so I've linked to you in my latest post.

    I don't have much of a readership - I'm not into blog hops that do nothing but pad your 'followers' numbers (I mean really, do these folks actually read the 12,000 blogs they follow?? - Lol. Sorry - off topic there!) so I don't know how much exposure my post will give you but I thought you'd like to know.

    Jen -