Monday, June 28, 2010

Rocking Horse Re-do

Last month I found this very sad looking hand made rocking horse at Goodwill. It was just begging me with those creepy looking little eyes to take it home and spruce it up! Unfortunately I had already cut all of the weird, frayed, rope/yarn that was tied on for a mane before I took this "before" picture.... otherwise, you could have seen it in all it's glory!

I decided that this would make a cute 2nd birthday present for Andy. His birthday is just two months away! So, this afternoon I gave this little guy a good coat of semi-gloss spray paint in brown. After it dried, I took some craft paint and gave it some eyes and a harness and then stenciled an 'A' on the bottom of each side (for Andy, of course!)

Next I cut and tied several pieces of yarn through the little holes to give it a mane. This part was rather tedious, but I think it turned out cute. The best part was giving it a little hair cut at the end to even up the yarn! I'm not sure why this part was so fun, but I really enjoyed giving it a hair cut! ha ha

The hardest part was painting the eyes and harness and stars, etc. the same on both sides of the horse... but it all turned out great! Here is the finished product...

LOVE those Goodwill finds!

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