Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hooray For Long Weekends!

I'm so excited that it's a long weekend! Even though I'm not currently working a "real" job (like staying home and taking care of everything here isn't "real" enough work)... I still get excited for long weekends because it means that Matt is home with Andy and me for an extra day!

I'm also excited because it's finally July. June was a ridiculously busy month for me. I'm not even sure when or how it became so busy, but I was out of town for some part of EVERY SINGLE WEEK! I felt like I never had time to recover and get back on track at home before I was heading out again. I felt like I hardly saw my husband and we definitely didn't get any much needed alone time together. So, although HE is heading out of town for a camping trip with friends next weekend, I'M not heading anywhere!

We have family in town this weekend, so Matt and I got to get out out of the house for a little bit tonight after Andy went to bed. We headed to Barne's & Noble and got iced chai tea's from Starbucks and read magazines for free. Then we came home and sat out on our back patio and listened to the gazillion frogs and other marsh critters chirping away in the marsh behind our house and just chatted and enjoyed each other's company. We are having some AWESOME weather here in Charleston (if only for a few days) where it is NOT super duper, over the top, start dripping sweat as soon as you step outside the door, car thermometer reading 98+ degrees HOT & HUMID out! I actually had to put on a sweatshirt while sitting outside tonight! WHAT???!!! Man I wish it was like this ALL the time in the summer!

So, a few days ago I wrapped up the rest of my list.... I made my Thirty~One binder, I called my friend Carly (although we are playing phone tag) who I haven't talked to in almost five years!!! (seriously? where does the time go??!) and I started the first book in the Jan Karon series called The Mitford Years. My Mom gave us the set of books as an engagement gift (eh, hem... almost SIX years ago - our engagement story is kind of funny, so I'm thinking I should do a post about that on July 17th to mark the anniversary of our engagement! tee hee) and I just unwrapped the cellophane on them last week! There really is something wrong with me!!!!! Sigh.

I also passed off nailing down the quarter round on my husband. He took care of that while Andy and I were in Georgia. Now, this is not to say that we have actually finished putting down the quarter round yet on the floors we started installing 13 months ago... but at least the pieces of quarter round that were cut and put in place, but floating around our floors are now nailed in place. I told Matt he was going to have to do a post about why HE thinks we, as a couple, procrastinate things so much! I'm still going to make him do that post at some point, but he told me he would do it on Monday, and well, I'm just ready to move on to July already! Matt and I have a good relationship, but although we support each other's good habits, we also share a lot of the same bad habits and then we TOTALLY enable each other to continue to fail in the same areas of our lives. It's something we are recognizing and working on, but it sure is hard when two people are similar in the same ways ... both good and bad!

Okay, so here goes! July's list is posted! I'm totally psyched to get that desk painted and get our office set up!!!! I hated that I had to move it from June to July, but there was just NO WAY it was going to happen last month. I'm also going to try and be better about posting once a day as I actually accomplish things! I think that with a less busy month I can totally do it!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!


  1. New to your blog and incredibly inspired by what you are doing!

  2. I have the same challenge with my hubby! You said it so well. I hadn't ever framed it that way before. In many ways we are so alike that, although we get along really well, we are not much help to each other and in fact give each other tacit permission to do the same things over and over. Sometimes it can be frustrating. Of course, the good side of that is that we have a great time while leaving dishes in the sink or laundry on the floor! LOL