Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Adjusting To Metformin

Well, I'm officially and for good (well, through my first tri-mester if I'm lucky enough to get pregnant again) back on my Metformin. I had started taking it again in January, and then stopped taking it when I got hit with a nasty stomach bug, then procrastinated going back on it, then decided NOT to go back on it while I was training for my race ... and well ... now my race is done and I'm out of excuses!

This time I'm starting off on the extended release tablets. So far, this is proving easier for my body to adjust to than when I first started taking it when I was trying to get pregnant with Andy. I'm considerably less nauseous, but am definitely still having, eh, hem... digestive issues. Ugggh. I'm up to my full 1500 mg per day though, so I'm hoping I'm almost done with the adjustment period. I'm trying to be careful and watch what I'm eating and drinking. I remember very clearly from last time that I get particularly sick if I eat or drink anything sugary or have a meal loaded with white, starchy carbs. Now, my husband will be the first to tell you that a low carb diet and I are NOT friends! I am a miserable, irritable and just not so pleasant to be around person if I try and go low carb!! BUT... I'm making an effort not to eat any refined carbs and if I do have bread, I'm making sure it's whole grain.

I've adjusted my weight loss number on the side of my blog, because I weighed myself this morning and I have gained back two of the sixteen pounds I had lost a few months ago. I'm hoping now that being back on the Metformin and watching what I'm eating and working out (which I'm getting back to doing tonight!) that I'll be able to start seeing results again.

Today has been hard to get things done because I am feeling a little bad from the Metformin, but I did manage to accomplish two things! First, I finally bought a little rack to hold the lids to our pots. Our pots & pans cabinet drives me crazy. Mostly because we had a pot rack at our rental house and I LOVED having everything hanging in it's place... we don't have a place to put a pot rack now, so everything is kind of dumped in the cabinet.... like so:

So, I picked up the lid rack this morning at Target. The label on it actually says Eliminates Clutter. I'm wondering if this means throughout my whole house? Or only if I actually put the lids on the rack in this cabinet?? My whole house would be nice, thanks!

This took all of 2 minutes and I'm much happier now! Top view:

Front view:

Clutter eliminated! Check!

Then I replaced a light that had burned out in the kitchen. It's been like that for about a month, but I've been too lazy to replace it because A) I didn't have the kind of light bulb I needed since it's a recessed can light and B) our ceilings are tall and I didn't feel like carrying the step ladder in from the garage (all of 5 feet away). But... now, it's done!

I also replaced two lights on the ceiling of our front porch. Those lights have been out since December. Yes... lazy... I know. Hornets even started nesting in one. I guess they figured if it was vacant for seven months, what were the odds anyone would bother with it now???

I couldn't see any hornets in there at the time, so I just climbed up on the ladder and knocked it down with a stick. So, now all the lights are good to go! And I think that was my full 15 minutes of productivity today. My stomach is feeling a little unsettled and I think that is a good excuse to go nap for the rest of Andy's nap!

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