Sunday, January 10, 2010

My love/hate relationship with Metformin

My grand plan for today was to organize my pantry after Andy went down for his nap this afternoon... but things didn't quite work out that way. First of all, I'm single parenting this week while my husband is away for a for work until Friday. I dropped him off at the airport at 12:30 and came home to put Andy down for a nap, all excited to get started on that pantry! Of course, that was right when my husband called from the airport to say he had a message from our tenant that his hot water wasn't working. FANTASTIC! Now, I must say that I am pretty darn handy when it comes to working on the house (or our rental houses) but I am NOT the plumber of the family!! My husband handles all of that! When I called the tenant I found out that NO water was coming out of the faucet when he turned the hot water on. Of course I totally panicked and assumed a pipe had frozen and burst in the crawl space and water must be gushing everywhere. For some unfathomable reason it's been below freezing here at night for several days now. (we live in Charleston, SC... COME ON NOW!!!) So, Matt was on a plane and Andy was sleeping and I was freaking out. Roto Rooter said they would add us to the list of people with frozen pipes and I was completely panicked at how much they would charge me for a Sunday visit.
Well, God bless my brother and his fiance. My brother drove me over to the house to check things out while his fiance stayed at my house while Andy napped.
The pipe had been frozen, but not burst. When we got there it was pretty much thawed out. The hot water was working again - although there was a small leak on the hot water heater - and a friend who is a licensed plumber returned my call, wasn't doing anything and came over and fixed it for me.
Crisis averted!
But of course this fiasco entirely killed my nap time plans! So, I'm crossing something else off my list instead. I've started taking my Metformin every day. I started last night. The reason this is a big deal and I have been putting it off is because the last time I was on it (when we were trying to conceive) I felt sick for the first 4-6 weeks. So, you can understand my reluctance to want to voluntarily start taking it again. When does it ever seem like a good time to feel sick? Metformin is actually a diabetes drug that helps regulate insulin levels, but it is often prescribed for patients with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I took the Metformin starting a month and a half before we conceived all the way through to the end of my first trimester when I was pregnant with Andy.
I feel like I need to start taking it again now to start getting my body ready for when we decide we are ready to try for #2. I hate having to take a daily medication and I hate how sick I will feel for this first month, but after that, I know I will love how much it will help regulate my hormones and also, it does help me to lose weight. I find that when I'm on it, I rarely crave anything sweet. This is TOTALLY opposite my normal self! Ha ha! If I do eat anything sweet, I will feel really sick after. It helps curb my craving for cookies or cake or brownies or any other yummy baked good.
I think that the Metformin is the best treatment for me for my PCOS when I combine it with a better diet and with exercise. I just need to find other things to occupy my mind this first month. Tonight I clipped coupons and now I'm drinking my green tea and then heading to bed. Hopefully there won't be any bumps in the road tomorrow so that I can get this disaster of a house cleaned tomorrow during nap time!


  1. great blog. You are inspiring me to get it in gear! LOL Happy new year!

  2. I'm glad you managed to get your plumbing crisis taken care of!

    Have you looked into the extended release version of Metformin? I found the side effects to be a lot less noticeable than with the normal stuff.

  3. Yes, I was on the extended release last time, but I was told that it only comes in 750 mg. tablets. When I first start, I have to take 500 mg./day for a week and then 1000 mg for a week and then 1500 mg. from that point out. So, once I get to 1500/day I can switch over to the 750 mg. extended release tablets, and that was when I started to feel a WHOLE lot better last time. I'm hoping it's the same this time. This is my first week back on it, so right now, I'm just taking 1 pill a day and taking it before bed, so that lessens the side effects for me. We'll see how it goes when I have to up the dosage on Sunday.

  4. Hmm that's weird, I know I was taking 500mg tablets when I was on it. Maybe it has to do with name brand vs. generic?

    I find eating something small with it helps cut down on the nausea some, though sometimes it takes its revenge in other ways! I'll keep my fingers crossed you don't feel so miserable this time around.

  5. I too hate my metformin. (I actually hate it so much I googled "hate metformin blog" just so I could find somewhere to complain about it.) It makes me sick all the time. I've been on mine since August of last year and I'm dying to get off it, but keep getting told it's the best thing for women with PCOS. Even if I get pregnant my doctor wants me to stay on this horrible medication. On the plus side, the only thing that lessens the effect of the medication for me is not eating so I've lost twenty pounds. My husband jokes I need to patent the "Metformin diet". Thanks for letting me complain. Good luck to you.