Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Hate Buying Cosmetics!

Today I went to Rite Aid and CVS. I feel a little torn because I spent more money than I wanted to, but I also got some really good deals on things that we needed. I'm realizing though, that I'm going to have to be careful not to buy things just because they are a good deal. Now that I have a small stock pile built up, I need to only buy things when they are almost free.

I rarely buy make-up and only buy face wash, shampoo, body wash, etc. when we run out. Before last week, I wasn't using coupons for any of it, so it would be $7 or $10 here or there added into a Target or Walmart trip total. This is the first time I've bought several things at once to stock up. The only make-up I ever really use is a tinted moisturizer (I like Olay Total Effects), mascara, cover-up (if needed and I'm going out) and blush. I currently don't own any eye shadow. I have one black eye liner pencil, but can never get myself to spend money on make-up. However, I was all out of my tinted moisturizer, my mascara is ridiculously old and I have some cover-up from my Mom, but it just isn't really the right kind for my skin and is too sticky, so I needed something different.

Rite-aid was offering a $5 off of a $20 purchase coupon for watching 20 short ad videos ( so, I did that last night and printed my on-line coupon. I also found a great coupon match up for coupons from the Sunday paper and store coupons from this week's sales flier at The Krazy Coupon Lady ( I also printed out the Johnson & Johnson Beauty for All Ages $10 rebate
( This rebate is good when you purchase $30 worth of Aveeno, Ambi, Clean & Clear, Purpose, Lubriderm and RoC products.

So, I went to Rite Aid armed with my coupons and my list and found everything I was looking for. The only difference between The Krazy Coupon Lady's scenario and my scenario was the pricing. The prices shown on that website were less than I paid for the Lubriderm and the Aveeno. Maybe they had smaller sized products that weren't available in my area, or maybe prices were just more here! I bought the Lubriderm, Aveeno and Clean & Clear (which happens to be what my husband uses for face wash, so that worked out great!) at Rite Aid and then went to CVS for the Olay Total Effects tinted moisturizer (which is always right around $20 so I HATE when I run out) and I also purchased some cover up and mascara.

All in all, my retail total was $93.39. Holy cow! Although I am sure I would have spent that anyway buying everything separately at different shopping trips and never realizing what it all added up to! BUT...

I had $31.50 in coupons
I got back $8 in Extra Care Bucks at CVS to use on my next purchase
I have the $10 Johnson & Johnson rebate to mail in
I have a $5.00 rebate to mail into Olay

So, that all brings my total down to $38.89 which is a savings of 58%

Not bad, but I'm really hoping eventually I can be one of those people who consistently saves around 75%. I think I can get there with practice.

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