Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Dishes??

Next on my list was to unpack the farm dishes from my grandmother. My intention with that task was to unpack AND put away. However, I totally did not expect the number of dishes that were packed in those boxes!!! There are 24 (yes, TWENTY FOUR!) dinner plates alone! So, although I had cleared out a bottom cabinet for the dishes, there is no way that they will fit in there. I am going to have to completely rearrange my cabinets.

I really like the dishes. I think they are cute and I will actually use them as my special occasion dishes, so I want them to be accessible, but there was no way I could tackle moving everything around in my kitchen tonight! I'll have to ask my grandmother why she had so many!

It does feel good though to get all of those boxes out of the garage. Those dishes have been packed up for over three years. When I got them we were living in an old house built in 1920 and we were in the process of (slowly) renovating it. So, everything stayed in boxes. Before we could finish renovating that house, we moved to Charleston and lived in a rental house for a year and a half, so a lot of things still stayed in boxes. We just moved into a new house in June and I'm (slowly) getting things out of boxes. Sometimes I discover things I didn't even know I had!

The other thing I'm working on crossing off of my list this week is not eating out for a whole week. So far so good... although it's only been 3 days! My biggest weakness with eating out has been lunches. I always feel like I don't have anything for lunch or know what to buy for lunch. I've been trying to stay away from processed lunch meats, but I still need something easy for myself and for Andy. I was definitely wasting the most money by eating out for lunch 2-3 days a week. The saving money part does feel good. I've hardly spent any money this week. I've just been getting more creative with what we already had in our pantry and fridge. Hopefully I can keep it up!

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  1. Not eating out is a challenge I take on weekly too. Eating out really does "eat up" a lot of money. We eat out a lot less frequently and now I notice when I do eat out, I still enjoy not having to cook and clean up...but the meal itself - the whole time I am calculating how much it would have cost me to make the meal...I enjoy it far less. I guess that is a good thing, right? :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I like your blog theme....change is always good!