Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Yesterday I crossed another item off my list ~ following up with the health insurance company about my MRI. I had a breast cancer scare in October and the breast specialist I was sent to see ordered a mammogram and a breast ultrasound. Both were negative, however, I apparently have very dense breasts and the radiologist was concerned because he didn't see what he thought he would on the ultrasound, so he sent me for a breast MRI to rule out inflammatory breast cancer. IBC is the most aggressive form of breast cancer, and also the most rare. The other scary thing about it is that more often than not, it's not detected on a mammogram. Most people have probably never heard about IBC and would have no idea what the signs and symptoms are. I highly suggest that you read the symptoms here:

I was acutely aware of the symptoms and the aggressiveness of IBC because my cousin battled against it for nine years before passing away this past August. She was only 41. Fortunately for me, all of my test results came back negative and I will go for a follow up mammogram and visit with the breast specialist in June. My health insurance company however is saying that the MRI was not medically necessary because it was "investigational and/or experimental". So, I'm having to appeal and had to have my doctor send a letter with additional information, etc.
So, I followed up yesterday and found out that my claim has been sent out for "outside medical review" and I should know by the middle of January what their decision is. I'm praying that they will cover the test because we will be hard pressed to pay for that out of pocket. It's frustrating feeling like something so big is out of your control, but given the alternative, I'd rather pay that medical bill and have negative test results than the other way around.

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