Friday, January 1, 2010

Coke... Oh how I will miss you so!

Well, I guess I'm officially kicking my year off! Welcome 2010! In place of the usual can of coke I would have had by now I just took 2 Advil and a drank a glass of water to fight off the headache that I can only assume is due to lack of caffeine. Reading over my resolution list for the month, I'm realizing that some of the things seem like resolutions and some seem more like a to do list. The thing is, that they are things I have been putting off for a long time (some a VERY long time!) and they constantly nag at me. I think that most of my 365 (if I can come up with that many!) resolutions are going to fall into the same major categories:
1. Health & Weight Loss
2. Organization
3. Finances
4. Communication with Family & Friends
5. Spirituality

It will be interesting though to see how things evolve over the course of the year. My guess is that the first few months will be loaded with taking care of the backlog of things I've been neglecting to take care of for such a long time and then as the year goes on, I anticipate transitioning more to the emotional and spiritual side of my resolution aspirations.

I already know from reviewing my list that the two hardest things on there for me this month will be to give up Coke (That's why it's my first thing and I'm going to try to maintain it for the whole year) and to start taking my Metformin regularly. I've been putting that one off for forever because I will feel sick for the first 4-6 weeks that I'm on it and it never really seems like a "good" time to feel sick. I'm going to wait until our family leaves on Monday to start that though.

I would like to eventually get to the point where I can have a can of Coke as a treat, but I'm not really sure how long it will take me to get there. I've given up Coke before for stretches of time, although I don't think I've ever lasted a month, and then I tell myself I'll just have one... well, of course that just opens the door to start having one a week, which leads eventually to one a day, and if it's a Coke from a restaurant or drive through, then that's even worse!

I hope that by making this my very first resolution that I won't falter on it because then I'd feel like I failed at this whole experiment. This is my trick to making it stick!

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