Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Rear End

Hallelujah! I woke up this morning feeling almost back to normal, but definitely over my stomach virus! I was really happy about that and totally ready to launch into full cleaning & productivity mode! In addition to the cleaning, there were a few projects that I needed to get ahead on for my list before I leave tomorrow for Florida. The only thing that will be left will be to brush the dogs every day for a week and I already passed that one off on my husband. He's excited to do a guest post! So, I'm feeling in pretty good shape for the month! Just need to make sure I bring everything with me on my trip that I will need to finish up for January and the start of February.

My energy level was still kind of low this morning, so the one thing I was dreading was setting up the recycling bins in the garage. The actual act of putting the bins in place... no sweat... moving all the JUNK that was in the way... a whole other story!
I lost 6 pounds in 24 hours when I was sick. I honestly didn't know I could lose THAT much water weight, but Lord knows there wasn't an ounce of fluid left in me, so I guess it was possible. This morning my husband remarked that my butt looked smaller, which is nice to hear of course, but all I could think was 'Wow! I was retaining 6 lbs of water in my rear end... like a camel with two humps!' Nice.

So, for whatever reason (the universe conspiring against me??) this afternoon I started feeling really itchy and realized I had broken out in a rash ALL over my body. My first thought was 'are you KIDDING me??!!!' Ugghhh... so, off I went to urgent care. If I wasn't planning on leaving tomorrow for Florida I would have just tried Benadryl first, as I was sure it was just from the virus, but I felt like if I wanted to retain any hope of leaving tomorrow, then I better go get it checked out. The doctor said that indeed it was most likely from the virus... and then I got a steroid injection... in my REAR END. I told the nurse there was plenty to pinch, and it really didn't hurt when she gave me the shot. She said "well, it's going to start to hurt in a minute." Fantastic! Especially since I now have 6 less pounds of fluid in my butt to absorb it!

Okay, so the point to all of this... the doctor told me the only side effect of the shot would be that I might feel like I have some "extra pep!" Whoo hoo! So, although my fluid-less rear end was now jacked up on steroids, I TOTALLY had the energy to tackle the recycle bins! (and all of my other projects) And, as I sit here typing this, I'm not at all itchy!

Maybe the universe is not conspiring against me after all... maybe it just wants me to start recycling again after my 6 month hiatus!

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