Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Job Hunting

Well, I have spent the past few days applying for part time jobs. I'm crossing it off of my list because I have applied to five different positions, although I still plan to go tomorrow night to some of the larger retail establishments and fill out applications at their kiosks.

When I was laid off from my job in November, I thought that we could make it work financially on my husband's salary alone... and we did for a while because I was receiving unemployment compensation. Since my unemployment ran out, things have been pretty tight. We are realizing that on paper we have enough money, but practically speaking... not so much! We can pay our bills and for food and for gas and any essentials, but we don't have money for anything extra every month...and inevitably, some unexpected expense comes up every... single... month!

So, I'm applying for part time jobs! I'm not opposed to working. I'm not kicking and screaming and dragging my feet. I'm really, truly okay with this, but it is hard finding jobs to apply for that:

A) fit my schedule parameters (evenings or weekends when Matt is NOT working so we are not paying childcare that will cancel out any money I earn!)
B) I'm interested in doing (I'm not looking for something I think I'll love... but still want to have an interest!)
C) Pays enough

But... I have found some, and I'm going to apply for more, and keep checking for new postings everyday. I'm also doing pretty well with my Thirty~One business! BUT... it's not quite steady enough (yet) for me to feel comfortable relying on that income every month.

When I was working, I was constantly stressed because I felt like I couldn't get anything done at home, I was always exhausted and I didn't really enjoy what I was doing. Even though I was home most of the day with Andy and only working part time, I still craved being home with him ALL the time. I know that when I stopped working I just traded one set of stresses for another. Financial stress is now an issue, where it really wasn't too much before. I guess this is a common problem for a lot of families.

I'm hoping I can find a flexible part time job and be able to help put our family on the right course financially, but in the mean time, I'm going to work on little ways that I can SAVE money for our family. I think the key to saving money for me will be PLANNING. The more I PLAN the less I spend... but why is that SOOOOO hard??!! Oh, right! Because I'd rather nap in the afternoon or sit on the internet for an hour instead of planning and getting things done... sigh...

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