Thursday, July 8, 2010

Giving Blood

Today I had my appointment to donate blood with the Red Cross. After I finished and was reminded of how easy and painless it is to give blood, I felt ashamed that I haven't donated since my senior year of high school when we had a blood drive at our school. That was 14 years ago!!! Even back then, I remember how easy actually donating was... the rest of my experience could have gone just a little smoother!

Our blood drive took place in the high school gym. I was a senior and my brother was a freshman. He happened to be having gym class while I was giving blood. They were outside playing street hockey or something like that... anyway, my friend Lauren had already donated and was standing next to me and chatting while I donated. All of a sudden she told me I think I'm going to faint! And the very next second... she did! Somehow I caught her in the arm that didn't have a needle in it and lowered her to the floor while the nurses ran over to take care of her. Literally, a few seconds later, my brother was getting escorted through the gym to the nurses office with blood gushing out of his forehead. A few minutes after that, someone came to let me know that they wanted me to go to the nurses office as soon as I was done. Apparently he fell or something... I can't even remember now. Anyway, they were concerned he might need stitches (he didn't) and I spent my recovery time in the nurses' office hanging out with him.

So, needless to say, actually giving blood wasn't really the part I remembered from that day!

When I went to the donation center today, everyone was extremely nice! I answered all the questions I needed to. I got my finger pricked to check my iron level (which has to be 12.5 or higher... mine was EXACTLY 12.5! Phew!) I had my blood pressure taken... and then I was good to go! Actually donating only took about 10-15 minutes. It didn't hurt at all when the needle went in, and I just chatted with the nurse the whole time. When I finished I got to have a snack and a drink. Most of the snacks they had available had too much sugar for me right now, so I opted for Cheese-itz. Since I'm back taking my Metformin, I can't eat anything with too much (or really, any) sugar or it makes me feel really sick. I totally take back what I said in my post yesterday about not being too nauseous on the Metformin this time... because I've really struggled with bouts of it last night and this afternoon. I hate, hate, hate this adjustment period on it. I know it will help regulate my hormones and help me ovulate (maybe even without Clomid?! we'll see!) and blah blah blah... but the first 3-4 weeks on it are horrible. But I digress...

So, here I am giving blood! Don't you love how they put me in the chair with the INSPIRE sign behind my head? I think it makes for a good back drop!

Don't I look happy to be donating? That's because...I AM! I was reminded today how this one easy and selfless act can have a major impact on someone else's life. I intend to start giving blood as often as I can. I would especially like to start donating with my husband. He's a little squeemish about needles and such (me?... not in the least!) but I talked to him about it tonight and I think he's willing to give it a try with me next time.

So, if you are like me, and it's been FOURTEEN YEARS or longer since you last gave blood, you should make an appointment at your local donation office. It's a good feeling knowing you could be helping to save some one's life!

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