Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wasting Money

I'm crossing two more things off my list... two things that I've been wasting money on for months. First, I closed our bank account. I've been banking with the same bank for fourteen years. Basically because they were the bank I opened an account at when I moved away for college, and then it just seemed like a hassle after a while to change everything over to any other bank. So, we have a checking account and savings account at the same bank. We wanted to link the savings account TO the checking account for overdraft protection... but... since the checking account was opened in South Carolina and the savings account was opened in North Carolina, they couldn't link them. Seriously???!!! WHAT is the difference? This is a huge national bank!!! uggghh! Okay, so we opened a new savings account and got it linked to our checking. This was 3 months ago. I still hadn't closed the old savings account... AND... to make matters worse, because we weren't making deposits, we were getting charged an $8 fee every month. Nice. So, because I procrastinated for three months on something that took me THREE minutes to take care of today, it cost us $24. Awesome. I totally could have gotten a much needed pedicure for $24!

Second, I got a subscription to Better Homes & Gardens Magazine. It's the only magazine I buy EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. And I pay $3.49 + tax EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. And every time I buy it I think to myself Man! I sure need to get a subscription! .... sigh.... I just signed up for a year's subscription for $5.99 AND am getting a free cookbook as well. Much better deal?? I think so!!!

I'm glad I finally took care of two nagging little things on my list, so that I can stop feeling the money sucking right out of our bank account every time I even think about either of those two things!!!


  1. Congrats! I am also working on finding all the little cracks my money falls through. I've dedicated 2010 to tracking every single dime I spend money on. It's certainly been eye-opening! I recently switched to just a cell-phone which is saving me $25 a month. Future plans include buying a Tivo (about $50) and a wireless router (about $30) and combined those will save me another $25 a month!

  2. We did the same thing not too long ago & reduced the number of minutes on our cell phone plan... it saved us about $20 a month... and we got rid of our cable all together (which we don't even miss!) so that is saving us $50 a month! I need to find some other things to reduce or save on here soon though!!! ha ha

  3. We are trying to cut down our expenses too. We switched to different cellphone provider. It saves us $80 a month. From 4 times a week eating out we reduced it to once or sometimes not. I started cooking homemade food and still looking for other things for us to save.