Monday, April 12, 2010

Back To "Real Life"... (sigh)

For the past two days I have been relaxing in the cutest little beach cottage on Sullivan's Island (just outside of Charleston) with my Mom and Andy, and just generally taking a break from "real life." It was sooooo nice! My old boss and his wife let us use their cottage for free for a night and it was so great to just unwind! We had dinner with family, walked on the beach, read, clipped coupons (yes, this was fun for me!) and just relaxed. I didn't have a computer and it was really nice to just "unplug." So, yes, now I am a few days behind on tackling things on my list for April, but that just means I'll have to try and be a little extra productive this week. It also means that my house is now a mess (again) and I am seriously behind on laundry (again... not that I was ever caught up!) But, really, who cares, because now I have some nice memories from the weekend.

Okay, so this week I really need to focus on trying to find balance between getting things accomplished AND trying to keep my house in some sort of ordered state. I'm failing at that repetitively. It's just hard! I'm getting up really early (as in 5:00 a.m. to be exact) to go to the gym with my neighbor and get my workout in before Matt leaves for work. I always feel GREAT in the morning after doing this, but then I'm exhausted by mid-day and sometimes nap while Andy is napping and then I get nothing done and fall further behind. I'm also not doing a very good job with meal planning. I seem to do well in spurts. I will have one good week where I plan meals, shop strategically and eat healthy and then 2-3 weeks where I am totally the complete OPPOSITE of that. There is no happy medium!

Honestly, sometimes (okay, most of the time) it's easier to just tackle projects from my list than to work on the big areas that I'm trying to focus on (eating, exercising, finances and housekeeping). The problem with doing that is that I keep having the constant nagging feeling like I'm failing at everything and that was the exact reason that I started this blog... to NOT feel like that. (insert deep, cleansing breath) I'm striving to find balance. I'm not failing miserably (like I was) but still failing - at least mildly!

BUT... I am crossing something off the list! On Saturday we hung up a clothesline in the back yard! It was a family project. Andy was very helpful! I'm super excited because I've been wanting one for a little while now. I haven't actually hung anything other than a quilt and a blanket out to dry because we went to the beach the next day, but tomorrow... tomorrow I'll be hanging EVERYTHING out to dry!

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  1. Didn't you start this project so you WOULDN'T feel so anxious about getting all this done? Step back and look at the big picture, you have accomplished so much. Remember, new habits take time to establish themselves. Give yourself that time to learn what works best for you. I think you've done an awesome job sofar, the rest will come with time, I'm sure.
    :) That is all. xoxo