Monday, April 5, 2010

Rewards Cards

One of my resolutions this month was to sign up for the movie rewards card at our local theater. If you live near a Regal Cinema, United Artist Theatre or Edwards Theatre then you can sign up here. I don't get to the movies very often, maybe once every other month... IF that! But, every time I go, it seems to be with my future sister-in-law. She has one of the rewards cards and she is always getting coupons for free popcorn, drinks, candy or even free movie tickets! Every time we go, I take one of the pamphlets as she's telling me I don't know why more people don't sign up for this! I mean, it's FREE! And then that pamphlet sits in my purse until the next time I go to the movies... and then I put another pamphlet in my purse, forgetting that I already have one in there... and the cycle continues!

So today, I finally signed up online for my rewards card! I'll be going to the movies all the time now trying to earn points! Ha ha! In general, I've been trying to sign up for more free rewards cards for things. I guess since I've started couponing I've become more aware of different rebate programs and reward clubs. I guess I had just been blissfully unaware of all these different ways I could be saving money!

Since I pretty much took Easter weekend off, today I filled out all of my April birthday cards and got the three I needed to send into the mail. I also scheduled Andy's two year pediatrician appointment for August. Now I'm off to get some cleaning done! My Mom is coming on Wednesday to visit and staying for a week! I can't wait for her to get here and I want to have the house all ready for her visit!

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