Thursday, April 22, 2010

Web Cam

I know this probably doesn't deserve it's own post, but today I got the web cam set up on our computer. We've probably had the web cam for a full year now. My Mom keeps asking when we are going to get it set up so that she can "talk" to Andy... so, okay, Mom! Mine is set up... now you have to set yours up! We got my Mom a web cam for her birthday last April and she's been waiting to set hers up until after we got ours set up. ANYWAY... today I also created a Skype account so now, I am ready to go!

The reason I took care of this today is because my (almost) 81 year old grandfather called me on Tuesday and asked "when are you going to get your camera set up so that we can Skype?" Apparently he got a web cam and has been Skyping with other family members. When I gave him my excuse he told me "Well, it only takes 5 minutes to set up, you know!" So, I figured if my grandfather is Skyping, that I'd better get on the ball! Now, I know that my high school age cousin is visiting right now and I'm sure he set up the web cam for my grandfather, but STILL! Sometimes it just cracks me up how technologically "savvy" my grandfather is, and other times it drives me crazy when I'm trying to explain over the phone how to do something in Excel and I have to specify whether to left click or right click... but mostly it just amazes me. When I was visiting for a week in January he was instant messaging with my cousins in Vermont. It was cracking me up how they would use all kinds of "chat" shorthand and lingo and he, of course, would have no clue what things stood for. Overall, though, it just made me happy that he will try any new technology so that he can stay in touch with his grandchildren and I know it will make him and my grandmother happy to talk to and see Andy on the web cam!

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