Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bench Cushion

Today I took the easy way out and made the lazy person's version of a cushion. I bought a piece of foam and then wrapped fabric around it. We have this built-in bench on the landing of our stairs...

It's just kind of a boring and random space that tends to collect clutter. I haven't done any kind of decorating on the walls of our stairs... no pictures... nothing. Everything just looks very bare. I really like having the bench there, but it's purely decorative. It doesn't open for storage or anything like that (although I guess we could make it open and use the space for storage if we were ever so inclined).

I thought that if I made a cushion for it, that it would spruce things up a bit. So, I bought a piece of foam today at Hancock Fabrics while it was on sale for 50% off (because it turns out that foam is expensive!) and found two and a half yards of this blue striped fabric in the clearance section. Tonight I cut the foam to fit with a serrated knife and wrapped the fabric around it. Here is the final result...

It looks cute... but desperately needs some pillows! Eventually, it will be on my list to turn this into a proper cushion cover, but not this month! I'd like to sew some piping around the top and bottom edges and make the cushion removable in case it ever needs to be washed. Maybe with the pillows and a few pictures on the walls the space will look a little more finished. I've never had a space like this to decorate before, so I'm not quite sure what to do with it. We also have two small windows, one above the other, above the bench. They are too small to put blinds up, but also just look very bare right now. I am at a loss for what to do on those. I can't even reach the top one without a ladder. Guess it's time to go to Barnes & Noble and start flipping through some decorating books and magazines for some ideas!

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