Monday, May 10, 2010

Busy, Busy Weekend!

Well, although I didn't get a blog post up over the weekend... I was very busy! I've started a few of the bigger projects on my list... but since my camera is out of batteries at the moment... those posts will have to wait until tomorrow. (hint hint Matt... a good gift idea for me...rechargeable batteries!... for any gift giving event OTHER than our anniversary!)

I hope that everyone had a great Mother's Day! Mine was very nice. Anytime I get to spend the day with Matt and Andy I have a nice time. (Plus... I got a Kitchen Aid Immersion Blender! Yippee! Remember when I hinted about it here?? I honestly had NO CLUE what they had gotten for me! Especially since Matt told me not to go in the garage (because that was where he had put it) I thought it had to be something too big to put in the house! ha ha Oh, and it's RED!!! swoon!

Some major accomplishments this weekend... I finished an eight mile run/walk on Saturday morning! I'm getting really nervous about my race! Eek! I can't believe it's less than a month away!!!! I also started to tackle the landscaping in the front yard... more on that in another post... AND... we started potty training! (I'll post more on that later as well!)

The thing I'm crossing off my list tonight has been nagging me for almost five years. That's right... FIVE!

I finally updated my e-mail address with USAA. Okay, I am really REALLY slack on some things. We have our auto and home owner's insurance with USAA. We have always had our insurance with them, like, before we got married. So, I changed my e-mail address when I got married. Yes, that was OVER four and a half years ago. I NEVER UPDATED MY E-MAIL WITH THEM! I'm sure you are thinking who cares?! Well, they honestly send me a letter every three months telling me that they have correspondence waiting for me online and could I please update my e-mail address because their e-mails to me keep getting returned. So, they have wasted at least EIGHTEEN pieces of paper, envelopes and postage on asking me to PUH-LEEZE update my e-mail address. So, what do I do instead? I log on... to my account... you know, where I would have to go to UPDATE MY E-MAIL ADDRESS... and I read the correspondence and then go on my merry little way. So, finally, on Friday night, I updated my e-mail address. This took all of ... ohhhhh... 5 seconds. Literally. After I signed in, it took 5 seconds. I felt a little stupid. least it's done. Four and a half years late.

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