Monday, May 31, 2010

May Wrap Up

Geesh! I can't believe it's already the last day of the month!!!! This year is seriously flying by! Today I wrapped up all of the little nagging things on my list. I took care of transferring a Netflix gift certificate that my husband got for his birthday to our Netflix account, so that we won't get charged for the next three months (nice!) and I finally sent out an Evite for my future sister-in-law's bachelorette party and bridal shower weekend. There are a lot of out of town friends on the guest list and several people are trying to plan vacation time, etc. Jaime sent me the e-mails for everyone on the guest list two weeks ago and I just hadn't sat down to get that Evite out! I'm glad I finally tackled that today! I also finally (a month late) scanned our tenant's renewed lease and e-mailed it to him so he would have a copy. Last year I am pretty sure that I never scanned and sent it to him, so I guess a month late is better than nothing! (right???)

I also worked on two fun little projects. The first was fixing a broken picture frame that Jaime had given me two years ago. I love the frame, but somehow the glass in the left picture frame broke. If she gave it to me two years ago, then that glass has been broken for 1 year and 11 months.

So, I went to Goodwill, armed with my 10% off coupon that I received a few days earlier for making (another) donation... and I found this picture frame that I paid a whopping 91 cents for!

I switched out the good glass from my new Goodwill frame for the old broken glass... and... viola! All fixed! Now the fun part... figuring out where to hang it and what pictures to put in it!!

The second project I worked on was a box to keep my baby book and Andy's baby book and some keepsakes. I looked for a suitable box at Walmart, but couldn't find anything cheap enough to fit my budget, so I just took an old box we had here at the house and covered it with some cute baby wrapping paper that I had. Everything fits in it perfectly! Eventually I'd like to find something with a lid, but this will certainly do for now!

There is one more thing left on my list and that was to read the bible study book that I borrowed from my neighbor. I've finished the book, but I'm going to write that post tomorrow when I'm not so tired! And then I suppose I'll need to get June's list up! Eeeek!

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  1. I just did the same thing, and found a box in the house for the same purpose. I also have been shopping for the right box but got to a point where I needed something now for all of my keepsakes and took the same approach you did, such similar people,we are. :)