Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trip to The Post Office = Three Thing Off My List!

Last night I worked on several of the small things on this month's resolution list. As usual, I'm leaving all of the bigger projects until the end of the month (well, except for the landscaping). The first thing I did was take care of sending back a baby sling I had that had been recalled. This wasn't a huge deal... I just had to follow the directions and cut part of the sling off to send back and fill out a form and print the shipping label. It's just such a pain right now any time I need to print anything since we don't have a desk set up. Getting the printer out and hooking it up at the kitchen table always seems like a nuisance, so I tend to put that stuff off.

The reason I am annoyed with myself is because I waited so long to send this in. When the recall originally came out and I looked at the replacement products, they had a wrap and tie type carrier available. They must be all out of those because it wasn't an option last night when I filled out my form. Instead I'm getting the Infantino equivalent of the Baby Bjorn carrier. Which is fine, but we already have something similar. Anyway, I cut off the section I was supposed to (NOT that easy, since I had to cut through a zipper. Even with my Cutco scissors, it was hard!) and I packaged it up to mail.

Next, I printed and filled out the form from the city to register the alarm system we put in our rental house in North Carolina. We were supposed to register it when it was installed in September (oops!). You get fined if you have a false alarm and your system isn't registered, and then even once your system is registered, you still get fined (just more money) every time you have a false alarm. Thankfully this hasn't happened... yet... although the other night my cell phone rang at 10:45 p.m. and it was one of our tenants. My stomach completely jumped into my chest and every imaginable catastrophe was running through my head. This happens pretty much every time a tenant calls, no matter what time of day, ever since I got the phone call at work, the week I was due with Andy, from our frantic tenants because a pipe had burst in the attic and half (NO KIDDING!) of the house (upstairs and down) was flooded with ankle deep water. Oh. My. God. It was a nightmare. Luckily our homeowners insurance was awesome, and our tenants were awesome, but, seriously, I gave my future sister-in-law my cell phone and a detailed list of all the contractors, insurance agents, tenants etc. involved in the fiasco so that she could handle anything necessary WHILE I was actually giving birth. Oh, the joys of being a landlord!

So, why did our tenant call the other night? Because she set the alarm off and couldn't remember the code. Crisis averted! That was an easy question that I knew the answer to... AND... did not require me spending any money to fix something! YESSSSS!

And last, but not least, Matt and I finally signed the tax form that our CPA had sent to us with our taxes and asked us to sign and mail back ... at the beginning of March. Our tax appointment didn't exactly go smoothly at the start, so the accountant had to mail everything to us. Anyway, this took all of 2 seconds, so I don't know what took me so long to get it done. Oh, wait... our office has yet to be set up... there is no filing system... and everything just gets sucked into the abyss of that room and put in a pile of things to sort through later... that I seem to promptly forget about as soon as they get put there. Right. Just like everything else on my to-do list! Ahhhhhh!

But, I am feeling a sense of accomplishment today because I just cleaned out my car, vacuumed, wiped down the seats, sprayed the windows with glass cleaner... the works. Now I can stop apologizing to my husband for the messiness level of the car every time we get in it to go somewhere as a family. Now if I could only keep it clean....

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