Thursday, May 27, 2010

Painting The Office

Okay, so I know it seems like I'm a little behind on my list this month, but really, I'm not too bad! I have a lot of things in progress. Some of my resolutions this month just can't be finished in a day. (well, they could if I wasn't also trying to keep up with a million and a half other things!)

Today was a little hectic. I had some errands to run this morning, I finished painting the office (YAYE!!!), put together a recipe book for my friend Heather who is due with her second little girl ANY day now (we all made her frozen meals for after the baby comes and I put together a recipe book for her with all the meals we made! Fun! I love projects like that), got together with friends to give Heather her meals and book and take her out to her favorite tex-mex place for dinner, came home and cleaned the heck out of my house in preparation for my grandparents coming into town tomorrow afternoon, cleaned my floors in preparation for babysitting for my friend's two year old and six month old tomorrow morning and finally I went for a run. Let's just say, sitting on the couch right now feels REALLY good!

Okay, so remember when I posted about getting the office cleared out? Yes, well... that didn't exactly last very long. I will say, that the rooms that I have finished and decorated have stayed clutter free (for the most part), but since the office wasn't done yet, it became my collection room. A lot of the stuff that's in there is office stuff... but still! No excuse! This is what it looked like the other day before I tackled the painting...

Ummm... ya... I can see a Medela hand breast pump in that picture! That doesn't qualify as "office stuff" so clearly I was just throwing anything in there!

Okay, so I moved some stuff out, pushed the rest of the stuff to the middle and started painting! This is what the walls look like now...

I am completely in love with the color! I've never painted a room this dark a shade of blue before.

I think it looks GREAT against the hardwood floors!

So, next month I will be tackling the actual furnishing of the office. Now, our budget for this room is practically nothing. I have already bought a desk with hutch off of Craig's List for $60. I'll be refinishing that in June. I'll also need some lumber or MDF to build my "addition" onto the desk. We need some sort of seating as well. That will definitely need to come from Craig's List or a consignment or thrift store. I would like to do a chandelier instead of the flush mount light fixture, so I plan to scour the Habitat for Humanities Home Stores that we have in our area until I find something cheap that I can refinish. My biggest splurge that I will have to save up for will be the area rug I saw at Target that I would like in here. I can't WAIT to get started on this room!

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  1. LOVE that color! Mary and Sam painted their living room the same color. It's so calming. Love it!!