Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Okay, I realize how incredibly ridiculous this sounds considering the fact that I am 31 years old... but with the exception of childhood, I have never made chocolate chip cookies from scratch. How sad is that??!! It's sad because it's due to pure laziness. It's not like I always buy the ready made dough... I mean, I do remember a few occasions where I actually bought the boxed mix that you add water to... sigh... that's still really sad (and lazy), huh?! Especially since, as my future sister-in-law said "But you have a Kitchen-Aid mixer!!!!".... and she's right. My husband won me a Kitchen-Aid mixer at work 2 years ago and I had never used it... until today. My husband has used it multiple times! But me, not so much.

So, today was the day! Our weekly Stitch n' Bitch group was at my house tonight, so I figured it was the perfect time to bake some cookies! Lots of people to help me eat them! And thank goodness, because the recipe made A LOT of cookies! I was all out of vanilla, so I borrowed some from my neighbor... and returned it with several cookies... and I sent the girls home with little sandwich bags of cookies tonight as well.

Andy decided that sleeping was overrated and didn't take a nap today (despite my best efforts) so he was my little helper!

We followed the recipe on the back of the Nestle Toll House chocolate chip bag!

We mixed all the ingredients up really well. Andy even got two things of sprinkles out of the pantry... I guess just in case we needed them (we didn't).

Yummm.... looking good! I even added a little extra flour thanks to some advice from Jaime. She let me know that since the Kitchen-Aid mixer mixes so well... sometimes the cookies can turn out a little flat, but a little extra flour fixes that problem!

We now only own one cookie sheet since we had to throw our other one away two weeks ago after my husband's failed attempt at making cookies from the recipe on the back of the Heath toffee chips bag. After realizing the cookies DID NOT turn out right, he forgot that he left the second sheet of cookies in the oven (after the oven was turned off). They hardened onto the cookie sheet so well that I couldn't even scrape them off. The whole thing had to get tossed.
My point? It took me 4 or 5 rounds of baking cookies on my one cookie sheet today to get through all the dough!

Diligently watching the cookies...

Seriously, Mom! When will they be ready???

And there they are in all their perfection! I was planning to take a cute picture of Andy eating the finished product, but since he just reached up and stole a cookie off the counter top and RAN... that never happened! But they sure were good! And guess what?! They were pretty easy, and much better than the store bought dough! The girl's loved them tonight too! Usually no-nap days end badly... but this afternoon turned out really nice!


  1. They were sooo good! I had to eat them secretly at school, since we have a no-nut rule. I wouldn't have brought them in the first place, but I forgot them in my purse - what a surprise when I reached in to grab something else and came out with cookies! MMMHHH!! Thanks for helping me not lose any weight. ;) I wouldn't want to get too skinny.

  2. Oh geez Colleen!! I can't believe you've never used your mixer!!and please please promise me you'll never buy that dreadful premade dough/mix whatever stuff again!!! And..you could have frozen some of that dough..make them up on a cookie sheet and then freeze them..once frozen..toss in a ziploc freezer bag..THEN..when you need a quick treat for Andy (and of course yourself) just pop a couple out of the bag and bake!
    I just made some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies that do not require flour..super easy to make/bake and they still rise up..you'd never know there was no flour in them. You can use natural peanut butter or regular.