Monday, May 24, 2010

Our New Flag

Today we hung up a flag on our front pillar! I've been wanting to do this for a while, so I am excited to finally have it up! We didn't have much money to spend, so I couldn't get any kind of fancy flag pole. I had looked at flags at Walmart once before and knew the price, so I was excited the other day when I found them on sale! The flag and pole set was $19. So, I bought it!

Well... last night I went to Home Depot to buy paint for the office (soooooooooo in love with the paint color I picked, so hopefully I'll still be in love with it when it's on the wall! ha ha Hopefully I can start on that tomorrow). Anyway... we had some kind of crazy thunderstorm, serious rain, wind and hail storm here yesterday that started about 2 minutes after I walked in the door at the H.D. Needless to say, I was trapped inside wandering around for about an hour (oh, darn!...another excuse to stand and read every home improvement magazine available!) So, while I was wandering, I found the same exact flag and pole set that I had bought at Walmart... but it was $6 cheaper! So, I bought the one at Home Depot and returned the one to Walmart. Really, when does that ever happen? I never find things cheaper at Home Depot than Walmart.

Anyway, the pole was a light color wood and our house is red with a dark brown door and shutters. I picked up some spray paint and got to work!

This was the pole before...

And here it is drying on my clothesline! It has a clip at the top to hold the flag up, so I just clipped it to the line so it could dangle and dry!

Then I started to drill the pilot holes in the pillar... got about half way through... and called my husband in to finish the job because I don't know WHAT those pillars are made of, but I was not strong enough to drill far enough in.

I love it!!!

We've never had a flag out in front of our house before. I'm really glad we do now! I've started on several other projects on my list, but haven't finished any to blog about yet. I'm planning to get the office paint cut in tomorrow and then hopefully get it rollered on the walls on Wednesday.

I also started reading a book that my neighbor lent to me that she read in her bible study. So far it has been really good and very thought provoking. I'm excited to post about it when I'm finished.

I've also been really bad about watching what I've been eating in, I haven't been. I haven't weighed myself at all, so that's why that number hasn't changed on the side of my blog. I'm operating under the assumption that if I don't actually weigh myself, then as far as I know I've lost 15 lbs and haven't gained any back. That's probably accurate, right? Well, I'll be getting on the scale tomorrow. My husband has been doing the P90X workouts and is following the eating plan. On Sunday we planned all of our meals for the week and I'm going to follow the plan with him. Basically it just means no eating or drinking anything bad for me. Sigh. However... I know it will help me shed a lot of these extra pounds, and that is worth it if it helps me get pregnant again, and look good in my bridesmaid dress in September!

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