Monday, May 3, 2010

Month FIVE!

Well, I was pretty slack with blogging over the in... I just didn't do any! After being gone for the week, it was nice to hang out with my husband and work on projects around the yard and enjoy some family time. BUT... while I was doing that... a new month started! Eeek! Time to get my May resolutions up!

On Friday I wrapped up my April list. I bought some sheets for our bed, mailed two presents we have had laying around the house for a while (one since August... yes, as in nine months ago) and I started using Twitter. I still have a ways to go on figuring out the Twitter thing. I mean, I know how to do it, but just need to really read up on it! So, back to the sheets... we only have one set of king size sheets. This is a royal pain when I need to wash our bedding. We have gone a LONG time with only one set of sheets. On Friday, I went to Target and used some gift cards I had gotten for free when I bought paper towels and toilet paper a few weeks ago, and purchased the cheapest set of king size sheets they had! They are that soft jersey material though, so they will be comfy! I've even washed them already and am ready to put them on the bed this afternoon!

Okay, I'm going to go get my May list posted. I'm still waiting for a month where I struggle to come up with a month's worth of stuff! Hasn't happened yet! I guess that is what happens after YEARS of not taking care of things in any sort of a timely manner!

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