Monday, May 31, 2010

Our Home Improvement Weekend

Well, my husband and I definitely had a nice, but productive long weekend! We tackled a bunch of projects around the house. My grandparents were also here visiting until Sunday. We spent a lot of time relaxing and spending time with family, but last night and today we got to work!

I worked on cleaning out a dresser that I had put in the room that will eventually be Andy's "big boy" room. Up until last month, I had actually totally & completely forgot that I had anything in that dresser! Ha! It was FULL (all 4 drawers) of my stuff. Clothes, socks, maternity clothes, etc. I sorted through it and weeded out things for Goodwill and things to keep and move to my closet. The dresser is now empty. As it should be since it will eventually need to hold Andy's clothes!

I also spackled the holes in the wall from the baby gates we had at the top and bottom of the stairs. Andy ripped the downstairs one off the wall a while ago and finally ripped the one off the top of the stairs last month. Sigh. So, I spackled, sanded and painted over those areas. Looks much better now! the door frame to our bedroom... ummm... I bought this chair for a steal on Craigslist last month, but it wouldn't fit through our bedroom door...

So, we took the door off it's hinges, and the chair still wouldn't fit... so we pried a piece of the door frame off...

Not very evenly I might add! Last night I had to chisel away at some of the wood to even it up. Andy had just gone to bed when I started hammering (I knew I had at least 15-20 minutes before he'd fall asleep anyway)... and my heart just melted when I heard him start hammering in his crib (he had taken his plastic hammer to bed with him) every time that I would hammer! It was just sooooooo darn cute!

Today I nailed a new trim piece on, caulked the sides and brushed on two coats of paint. Good as new!

Next I worked on the handrail in our bedroom. Since our room is over the garage, we actually have 3 steps down from the hallway to our room. I took the handrail off the wall when I painted, but never put it back up.

Matt (and Andy) held it in place for me so I could screw it back into the wall. It's nice to have it back on the wall and OFF of our bedroom floor!

The next thing I tackled was actually a new project! I have been wanting to put a shelf above our back door in our kitchen pretty much since we moved in. I bought two wooden brackets and a board. I primed and painted them and then hung them up. I LOVE how it looks! I stuck some vases and pitchers up there that I had around the house, but I'm not going to keep that arranged the same way. I'm thinking I'd like to put some letters up there spelling out a word or two (not sure what yet) with a few pottery pieces... but we'll see.

The last two things I tackled today were cleaning our the junk cabinet in our kitchen (you know it's bad when you clean out and organize your junk drawer, and then start a junk cabinet!)

AND... I pressure washed our driveway!!!! Matt pressure washed the front of the house and the front porch and since I was dying to use the pressure washer (there might be something wrong with me) and I've been so sick of sweeping the driveway...I pressure washed it! It was SOOOO gratifying to blast all that dirt off! It looks like a totally new driveway! We've owned our house for almost a year so, it was definitely time!

I feel like there are so many more things I want to do around the house, but when I look back at all we've accomplished in a year, I'm pretty proud of us!

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