Friday, February 26, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

Whew! This has been a busy week... and it's not over yet! Today one of my best friends since 7th grade is coming into town, along with her Mom, to spend the weekend with us. Then tomorrow night we are throwing an engagement party for my brother and his soon to be bride! We are going to have about 25 people at our house! Eeek!

So, in the interest of time, here are the things I've gotten crossed off my list:

1) Make an eye doctor appointment

You would think this would be fairly simple, but I had to log in to our vision plan website to find out who was in network. My husband had previously set up log in information, but couldn't remember it, so I had to have them e-mail it to him at work, he forwarded it to me, etc. etc. and then I was able to look up and find a doctor on our plan. I called the office. All calls were being forwarded to the answering service. They told me to make an appointment online on their website. This took 20 minutes. No lie. But, it's done. Hopefully after March 15th street lights and signs won't look fuzzy when I'm driving anymore.
Just to let you know how slack I am, I made an appointment 3 years ago to go to the eye doctor. I went. I got my prescription. I never ever went to pick out glasses. So, it expired. I swear I will NOT do that same thing this time! (I hope!)

2) Clear out the Office
I really should put the word "office" in quotes, or at the very least, say "future office." Right now, it's just a room. Until last night, it was a room full of JUNK. My neighbors kids would comment on how messy it was. One of them told me that her Dad used that room for his office and she could see that we just used it for storage. Ugggh! Are we the neighbors with that house? We can't afford to build the wall unit desk we want or to purchase seating (which I'm determined to buy second hand), but at least now it's just a (mostly) empty room! Last night I cleaned everything out except for the things I need to list for sale on Craig's List (yes, that includes the random pedestal sink you see in the picture), the last box of the hardwood floors that we need to return to Lumber Liquidators (yes, my husband and I installed hardwood floors ourselves in the whole downstairs of our house the week after we closed on it. Very tedious. Very worth it!!!), the two chairs that are staying in the room, some computer stuff and some books that will eventually live on some sort of shelf.

Sigh. Deep breath of relief. It's nice not to have to look at that mess anymore when I walk in the door. And you know what? It only took me about 30 min. I should have done it a LONG time ago!

3) Touch Up Paint On Stair Walls

Okay, so our ENTIRE house was painted in beige flat paint. I can. not. stand. flat. paint. EVERYTHING shows on it, it's not washable, ugggh! I'm much more of an eggshell finish girl myself. Slowly I've been conquering one room at a time and painting it something a little more fun than beige, and DEFINITELY not flat paint! However... the hallway up our stairs... that's a different story! I could never get up that high to paint it over, so I will forever be touching up those walls. The builder left us a quart of wall paint for touch ups... thank goodness! Our hall walls were a MESS with a capital 'M'. Mostly from moving the king size mattress up the stairs. Matt and my brother did this. I was soooooo over moving by that point. It was over 100 degrees out the day we moved and we did it all ourselves. Fun times. I also hit the walls with the vacuum pretty much every time I go up and down the stairs. It looks a TON better! This activity also took me about 30 min. I can't believe I let the walls look like that for eight months!

and finally...

4) Set Up Payment Plan for MRI

Back in October I had to have a breast MRI done. (you can read about it here) After fighting with my health insurance for months, they are refusing to cover it. I'm so frustrated with them because the final letter they sent said that it's not standard medical practice to do a breast MRI for someone of moderate risk (which they are saying I am) and dense breast tissue (which makes it hard to accurately read a mammogram). If they don't consider it standard medical practice for someone of MODERATE RISK then there is something wrong. The radiologist that did my mammogram and ultrasound didn't hesitate for a second to say that I needed an MRI. The breast specialist I had to visit also whole heartedly agreed with that opinion, but I went up the chain of command at the insurance company until they finally sent it for an outside medical review. There is nothing further I can do. Thankfully the hospital gave me a 50% discount on my bill from the amount they were going to charge the insurance company, but it still leaves me to pay almost $700. I still would have had it done even if I had known ahead of time that the insurance company wasn't going to pay for it, but it still stinks. So, now I'll be paying $50 per month for over a year, but I know that I don't have breast cancer, so I can't complain too much.

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