Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thank You Notes

This was a good one to cross off my list... my thank you note to Aunt Sue. Aunt Sue is my husband's Great Aunt. Last year when Andy was born, she crocheted him a beautiful baby blanket and packaged it up with several other homemade Christmas trinkets and sent the care package just before Christmas. I wrote her a thank you note along with all the rest of the thank you notes for other Christmas presents we received, and put it in the mail. Or so I thought. Admittedly, my thank you notes were not done on time. So 3-4 weeks later I received a note in the mail from Aunt Sue asking if we had gotten the package, because she hadn't heard anything from us and if not, she would trace it through the postal service. At the time I thought oh, our notes must have passed in the mail. Well, not so much. About a month ago when I was unpacking a very haphazardly packed box, I found that thank you note to Aunt Sue... along with all the other Christmas thank you notes I had written. Sealed. In their envelopes. Addressed. No stamps. NEVER MAILED!

So, now, not only had Aunt Sue sent Andy what has turned out to be his favorite "blankie" but she also sent a follow up note checking to make sure we received it, and then NEVER HEARD A WORD OF THANKS FOR OVER A YEAR!!!! I'm mortified. Yesterday I wrote her a long apology and included the original note, still sealed in it's envelope. It went out in the mail today.

I know that most of my friends no longer send thank you notes for any gifts they receive, but I still try very hard to do so, even if they don't get out on time. Sending them in a timely manner is something I need to get better at for sure.

This is the kind of thing that I might have let go on for another year and it would just nag at me and I'd always feel bad about not rectifying the situation. It feels really good that I didn't do that this time. I just apologized and took care of it. I'm starting to like the "new" me!


  1. That same thing could have happened to me! If a thank you never gets out to the mail, or if I wait too long to write it, I will be too embarrassed to send it at all. Way to go for sending the letter!! I'm sure your Aunt loved receiving it:)

  2. Ben's birthday notes are still sitting here on the counter. Sigh...at least I had him do it.