Monday, February 1, 2010

Pre-Emptive Dog Hair Collection

While my wife and son are living it up in a retirement community in Lakeland, I had to stay behind and work, go to birthday and work parties, and keep the house in a somewhat normal order until Colleen got back in town. I was given a list of chores to do around the house as well as one item from "The List", which I agreed to do only if I could do the post as well. My mission was to brush the dogs outside every day for a week and see if it made any difference in the amount of dog hair that was vacuumed up every day.

There are some things on Colleen's list that I didn't know were items that caused her stress (see: Wedding Album, Home Improvement Binder, and Key Reorganization), but I completely agree about our dog hair situation. Our three dogs do nothing all day but sleep, eat, poop, and shed hair. We have this mini Shark vacuum with a clear canister that shows all of the hair being picked up. We use the Shark downstairs on the hardwoods and I can finish that in about 5 minutes. Before starting this experiment, the canister would be consistently 3/4 full (the canister being roughly the size of a Foster's Oil Can beer).

For my experiment I used the furminator ( deshedding tool. It costs about $40, but we've bought the cheaper ones and they don't work nearly as well as this one. Each dog received 50 strokes with the furminator and I ended up on average with roughly a ziploc freezer bag's worth of dog hair every day.

I noticed a difference during vacuuming immediately. What used to result in 3/4 of a canister every day was now less than half a canister! That doesn't sound like much, but when you have a 16 month old running around the less hair sticking to them the better!

So, I will call the Pre-Emptive Dog Hair Collection Project of 2010 a success. While I probably won't de-shed them every day from now on, maybe it's something Colleen and I could split doing during the week :)


  1. Sweet! I may have to invest in a furminator afterall!

  2. It really is worth it. You can borrow ours first if you want to try it out. We have never found another dog brush that works nearly as well!