Saturday, February 20, 2010

Everybody Needs a Lazy Day

Everyone needs a lazy day every now and again, right? I don't know if I have needed an entire week of laziness, but that is exactly what it has been! My week of self-imposed laziness finally wrapped up this morning with a massage and facial courtesy of my Husband... a gift certificate I got for Christmas... in 2008. Seriously?! I don't know a single person who would put off using a SPA gift certificate for 14 months! Well, it was wonderful! I loved every second of it!

Now, back to reality. I have been getting things done off my list this week, don't get me wrong, but I just feel like I've been super duper lazy around the house. Laundry is taking longer than usual to get done, I keep putting off vacuuming and mopping the floors and I still haven't clipped my coupons from last week. Mostly I have spent much of Andy's nap time this week re-reading old decorating and home magazines and spending entirely too much time on the computer. I don't know what my problem has been, but I've just been having a severe lack of motivation this week!

Well, that ends today. Time to get back on track. My husband has been ridiculously productive lately and I feel like I need to start matching that! I think I mentioned on here before that he gave up T.V. for the month of February and so far, I have loved the results so much I'm considering giving up cable altogether. I have watched very little T.V. this month as well, and I just don't miss it. Matt has been tackling long overdue projects around the house and he's been doing a lot more cooking (I love it when he cooks! I'm hoping someday to have the money to surprise him with a cooking class) and we've just been spending a lot more time together in general. I think that we have been inspiring each other to make changes in our lives together. We have been very blessed that we have grown and changed together and in the same direction in our 9 years together, but sometimes that can work against us as well. Sometimes I feel like we enable each other's bad habits and laziness a little too much, but lately that has all been changing. Now instead of encouraging each other to procrastinate, we are encouraging each other to get things done and feel that sense of accomplishment together. I'm not sure why it has taken us this long to get ourselves back on track, but I'm really enjoying growing even closer in our relationship and feeling like we are building a life TOGETHER and not just kind of moving through life simultaneously.

Okay, enough being mushy and sentimental! I seriously need to practice better time management skills. Starting NOW! I have my lists. I'm getting organized. But none of that matters if I can't keep myself on somewhat of a schedule. I work from home part time as well and I feel like I have been failing miserably in that department lately as far as structured work time goes. This weekend I need to get a daily schedule together for myself. I know it's not on the list, but it must be done. Okay... I'm off to get something accomplished!


  1. Everyone DOES need a lazy day. Glad you got one. I too recently discovered my love of lamination and let me just say...OH MY!!!!!!

  2. I know! I think I'm going to have to use a 40% off coupon at Michael's one of these days and get a nifty little laminating machine! :-) Since you homeschool, I can only IMAGINE all the fun laminating you can do! :-)