Thursday, February 4, 2010

gDiapers Review ~ Part One

Yesterday I went to Babies 'R Us (because they are the only store that carries them around here) and purchased a 2 pack of Little gPants and a package of disposable inserts ( I started Andy in them after his nap yesterday, and so far, I like them. The jury is still out though because he hasn't had a poop in them yet, slept through a nap in them or gone overnight. They are, however, holding his wet diapers just as well as disposables! The big difference (besides the inserts being disposable) between these and the Fuzzi Bunz we were using when he was younger is that I only have to change the insert for a diaper change, not the cover. Since the Fuzzi Bunz were pocket diapers, I had to change the cover and insert, so that created more laundry than these will. I have read in some of the reviews that most poopy diapers do not stay contained in gDiapers, that you have to change the cover as well. I'm hoping that won't be the case for us most of the time. Andy's poop is pretty firm and I think it will stay contained most times, but we'll find out.

One thing that I really like about the gDiaper is how soft the elastic band is around his legs. Another thing is the fit. They fit him really well and aren't at all bulky so it does not make a difference in how his pants fit. One difference in the gDiaper from both the Fuzzi Bunz and disposables is that they Velcro to the back instead of fastening to the front... that will take some getting used to. I keep wanting to put them on backwards! Inside of the outer cover, there is a snap-in vinyl liner and you just lay the insert inside of the liner. I have found them pretty simple to use.

They are very easy to flush as well. You just separate the outer cover of the insert from the inner core and put them both in the toilet, give them a good swish with a stick (I'm using a toilet wand that you can put a scrubby cleaning pad on for the toilet) and the inner core breaks up pretty easily as soon as it hits the water. Right now, I feel pretty comfortable flushing them! If we were in an older house, I probably would not.
Now, here is the issue... the disposable inserts are actually more expensive than buying disposables. This is only going to be a viable option for me if I can keep the cost the same or less than disposables. My plan is to put my cloth inserts in the liner instead of the disposables when we are home and when Andy hasn't just sucked down 2 large sippy cups full of milk or water, and just use the disposable liners if we are going to be out of the house for a bit and during nap time and overnight. If I can kind of create a hybrid of cloth and disposable diapering but be using disposable inserts that are biodegradable, then I will feel like I succeeded! I'll definitely still use the small and medium Fuzzi Bunz the next time around, because I love not having any waste at all, but it's nice to know that I have a new option for this stage.

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  1. hi there!! i've been using gDiapers for my little one for about three months now. (she's 4 months old this week) i use the cloth insterts in the diapers at home and the flushable ones when i am out and about! it's been great! sometimes, when my little one has EXPLOSIVE poop, she may leak a bit on the liner in which i just separate and hand wash. very rarely will any get on the cloth gPants. i do wash the gPants every other week with the baby laundry or as needed. i hope you continue to use this product. i really do like it and am happy to know that i am doing my part in helping out with being a bit more green. keep it up!