Thursday, February 18, 2010

Laminate Happy :-)

I love laminating things. I think that I would be really happy if I had my own laminating machine in our home office. A home office that might actually... one day... maybe... come to fruition! My intention was just to laminate my husband's monthly household chore list and my daily and weekly household chore lists... but I couldn't stop there. I also printed out the trash and recycling pick up schedule from our Department of Sanitation's website... and laminated it. Then I decided that I needed to make a little instruction sheet for doing laundry (in case, you know... there is ever a time that I'm not doing laundry... ha ha ha ha!). Seriously though, if something ever happened and I was sick for a week or needed to have surgery or God knows what, someone else should know how to wash the cloth diapers (because there is a process there!) and the couch covers, etc.

So, I'm going to hang all of these up in our laundry room. Maybe after I paint in there I'll get a cork board off of Craig's List and cover it with cute fabric and put all my laminated lists on it, except for the trash pick up and recycling schedule. That is going to go on the wall in the garage above the trash can. You would think we could remember what day is trash day, however, on weeks like this week, where Monday was a holiday it pushes trash day back by a day. The problem is that the sanitation department follows some holidays, but not all, so I never know if trash day will be on Thursday or Friday if it's a holiday week. Like this morning, my husband forgot to put the trash and recycling outside, so I hauled it out there, and while I was outside Andy found a tea light candle that he decided he would try to eat. When I came back inside he had purple wax stuck on his top teeth and he was holding the candle, shaking his head and telling me "Nooooo." That's right kiddo! Nooooo, scented wax does not taste good to eat!

So, needless to say, I sent Matt an e-mail, nicely reminding him to try and remember to take out the trash, blah blah blah... well, today wasn't even trash day. Tomorrow is. Because the Sanitation Department had the day off on Monday. Matt could have totally played that card even if he did forget and say he knew all along that trash pick up is tomorrow... IF we had a schedule up!

Okay, so the office. (Sigh) I have to get it all cleaned out before next weekend because we are hosting an engagement party for my brother & his fiance (who I might have mentioned before is also one of my best friends from college! Yay for gaining her as my sister in law!). The office is the first room you see to the left when you walk into our house. Right now it's serving as a very disorganized storage room. It's going to be a little while before we have the money to build the desk that we want along the wall in there, but in the mean time, I'm thinking I need to put some kind of table or something to keep the printer set up on. Right now I work on the laptop at the kitchen table and haul the printer out here every time I need it (which lately has been quite a lot!) so I'm thinking I need some kind of a temporary set up in there. It's hard trying to get organized without a good place to set stuff up.

Well... time to go check some things off my cleaning list... now that I only have 15 minutes left before Andy wakes up from his nap! Isn't that always the way???!