Sunday, February 7, 2010

Can I Get a Do-Over Please?

So, apparently when I go out of town my brain just short circuits and I totally forget all that I am trying to accomplish. I hate that I have to start my count over on how many days I have gone without baked goods or bread, but, that's exactly what will happen as of tomorrow.

My husband and I went out of town this weekend to use a LONG overdue (as in THREE years... yes I feel extremely guilty) gift certificate for a stay at a bed & breakfast in North Carolina. We left Andy at my Dad's and had our first child free night in 17 months and 9 days! And it was great! So, we were at the B & B and they had told us that they put out a snack in the afternoon, so before I got in the shower I asked my hubby to go down and see what kind of goodies they had! He came back with 2 pieces of pound cake. It was the best tasting pound cake I had ever had (probably because I hadn't had any baked goods in over a week!) It was not until a good 15 minutes later when I was blow drying my hair and thinking about going downstairs for another piece that it hit me... I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO EAT ANY BAKED GOODS!!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING???!!! I immediately said something to my husband. He said he was wondering what I was doing, but wasn't going to call me out on it. Then I remembered that I had a piece of banana bread for breakfast that morning at my Dad's... that had TOTALLY not registered with me either! So, then this morning, the inn keeper made us the most delicious puff pastry pancake thing with apples. What was I going to do? Refuse breakfast at a bed & BREAKFAST??? So I enjoyed every bite of that apple pancake-y goodness! Then my Dad made us chicken parmesan subs for lunch... and guess what I did?! I enjoyed every bite of that fresh baked sub-roll (heck, I even went to the store with him to BUY the sub rolls!)

So, I totally failed this weekend on my toughest item on the list for February. The old me would probably say "Oh well I already ruined it" and just give up for the month, but instead I'm just going to admit that this is hard, chalk it up to being out of town with other people feeding me and be okay about not being totally in control of my choices, and just get back on track tomorrow!

When I got home today I went to the grocery store to get a Sunday paper. The store was insanely crowded. Why did everyone leave their Super Bowl Sunday party shopping until 5 p.m. on the day of the Super Bowl??? (what am I saying? That's TOTALLY something I would do!) They didn't have any papers, so I went to Walgreens. They don't even carry papers, so I went to another grocery store. They had newspapers in a thing out front, so I used all the change left in my wallet to buy one. Although I was previously undecided on what today's item would be, there is NOTHING I'd rather do right now than sign up for delivery of the Sunday paper!!!

I checked the mail when I got home and had a package from one of my very best friends. It had some adorable note cards with my initial on the front that she bought me a while ago and just recently found, along with two super cute pictures of her kids. It just totally made all of my frustration from driving around looking for a newspaper dissapear. Thanks Micaela! You are the greatest! :-)

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  1. Does the Post amd Courier do Sunday only delivery? I thought they didn't! Is this a new thing for them? You MUST let me know!