Sunday, February 14, 2010

Being Girly

I might be the only girl on the planet who would go SEVEN months in a new house before getting her closet set up! It's not like we were doing any remodeling or anything. It is a brand new house and it is BY FAR the nicest and largest closet I have ever had. I have no good reason (or excuse) for letting it go as long as I did. I know that the fact that I can't fit into 90% of my clothes right now probably had something to do with it... but STILL!

It took me two days. I got all the clothes off the floor and got everything washed. I unpacked a bag of clothes I had lent a friend when she needed a bigger size right after her baby was born. She gave those back to me a good nine months ago. The fun part about those clothes was that I had forgotten a lot of what I had! Plus, now that I'm finally, FINALLY committed to losing weight, I think that I'll be fitting in them soon. They are all my summer clothes, and I feel confident that I'll fit back into them by summer. Who knows, maybe they'll be too big! Hey, a girl can dream!

Here is the sad part. I didn't have very many pairs of shoes to start with... and I had to get rid of EIGHT pair... including both pair of boots. My feet grew a half a size when I was pregnant with Andy and they are all just too tight now. So, this leaves me with 1 pair of dressy flip flops, 2 pair of casual flip flops, 1 pair of navy blue heels, 1 pair of sneakers and 1 pair of crappy worn out black casual flats. So, when I reach my first weight loss goal, which is getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I'm rewarding myself with a new pair of shoes. Same goes for when I reach my second weight loss goal, which is getting my BMI into the "normal" range.

I also organized all my jewelry & polished all of my silver jewelry that had tarnished. Today I bought a two pack of really cheap tie hangers from Walmart that are coated with a velvet like fabric. I hung my necklaces from the hangers and hung them from the rack in my closet. I also now have a clothes hamper in my closet so I have no excuse to throw dirty clothes on the floor.

And finally, I vacuumed. I am pretty sure the closet hasn't been vacuumed since we moved in. To be fair, it wasn't that bad. The carpet had been protected by all of the clothes covering my closet floor! When my husband walked in to look at it he told me that it was so GIRLY in there! That made me smile :-)

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