Tuesday, February 9, 2010

gDiapers Review ~ Part 2

Well, I guess it's time for the conclusion of my gDiapers review since I caught myself telling my husband earlier that "I'm loving these gDiapers!" Andy has now successfully napped in his gDiaper (and he naps for 3 hours every day... yes, I realize I'm really lucky... but wetting through cloth diapers was a problem at nap time), pooped in his gDiaper and gone overnight in his gDiaper. I'm happy to report that we have not have any leaks or blow outs thus far!

My main concern when I started using them was that I wasn't sure if they would be economical for us. When we were using the Fuzzi Bunz when Andy was younger, we just had the initial outlay of money and then really didn't have a monthly diaper budget to speak of. I was not so keen on the idea of buying the inserts regularly for the gDiapers. Of course I was in love with the idea that they were flushable and biodegradable and that I will be able to compost the wet diapers (starting a compost pile is TOTALLY on my list this year... sometime...) but if they weren't going to save me money, well, then that was a tough sell. My solution has been that I'm using the cloth inserts from my Fuzzi Bunz when we are home and I can change him more frequently and using the disposable gDiaper inserts when we are out running errands and for naps and overnight. This would probably have been more of an adjustment for me if I hadn't been exclusively cloth diapering for almost a year, but it was easy to slip right back into the habit of tossing the liners into the diaper bag, along with the cloth wipes and running them through the wash.

One funny thing that has come out of all this is that my son has learned the word "Awesome!" He's only 17 months, so it's super cute when he says it! I was a little hesitant to flush the inserts at first. Maybe because we'd lived in a house built in 1920 for so long, I'm just naturally panicky about plumbing issues, but I had to remind myself that we now live in a house built in 2009 so why not give it a go?! I followed the instructions and was truly amazed at how the inner core just broke apart with a good swish in the water. When I was watching it all flush down and thinking how GREAT it would be to not have to empty a trash can full of disposable diapers every day I said "Awesome!" and my little mimic repeated it right back to me! ha ha! Now he says it all the time.

So I guess that sums up my review of gDiapers... totally AWESOME! (I just wish they were sold in more places)

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