Friday, February 5, 2010

I Dream of Having a Cute Laundry Room

Maybe someday I will have one of those cute laundry rooms that you see in magazines, but for now, I'm happy that I can walk from the door to the dog food container without climbing over blankets and baskets! Ha! Today's item was done out of necessity! My neighbor is coming over to feed our dogs tomorrow afternoon and I don't think she could find their food if she tried. Our laundry room was A MESS! I could deal with the stuff on the floor because that was all slowly going away as I made progress through our laundry, but what I couldn't handle was all the STUFF piled on the dryer. I couldn't actually reach the controls to start the dryer without knocking something off the top. Admittedly, I didn't really put ALL of that stuff away in it's proper place. Some of it just got relocated until I can deal with it at a later time (that time NOT being today!). I'm horrible about that! I move the mess from one spot to another when I'm "cleaning." I'm trying to be better about that, but I don't always succeed. Sigh.

So, I have a problem where sometimes I don't want to start a project unless I can finish it TOTALLY & COMPLETELY how I want, which is why I was saving "organizing the laundry room" for later in the month. I have some fun sea foam green paint left over from another project that I'm going to use to paint the walls and my husband and I would also like to put some cabinets up above the washer and dryer and some base cabinets with a counter top on the other wall behind the door. Alas, that is not in the budget right now. So, for now, my laundry room is organized. But it will be WAY more fun when it gets a makeover! Maybe it will even be cute!

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