Thursday, February 11, 2010

Are You Smarter Than a 17 Month Old?

I'm trying to teach my son to say "Please." He does really well with "Thank You" and he knows how to say please and he knows sign language for please... he just chooses not to say it. He just asked me for more water, so I was working with him to say "Please." Since he wouldn't say it, I told him he could get more water after he said "Please" and took him upstairs to change his diaper. Well, he carried his sippy cup upstairs with him (without the top), went straight into the bathroom, turned on the cold water in the tub (because he knows the difference between hot and cold and is obsessed with the cold... he turns it on during his baths and pours cups of ice cold water over himself... maybe he's hinting that he'd rather live up North! ha ha) anyway, he filled his sippy cup just a little bit and then drank the water! Then he filled it a little bit again and drank it down... and just kept doing this over and over and then gave me a look like "fine! If you aren't going to help me I'll do it myself, but I'm NOT saying the word PLEASE!"

I hate when I'm outsmarted by my 17 month old!!! Sigh.

Yesterday I crossed two things off my list. I made a vet appointment for Milo. Milo is our cat. Anyone with a cat can TOTALLY understand why I've procrastinated taking him to the vet. He's a really good cat... at home. I also signed up for Upromise (, we'll see if that turns out to be worth it and the Publix Baby Club( The Publix Baby Club is a really good deal if you have Publix in your area. You even get a free book called "Caring for Your Baby and Young Child." I wonder if it teaches manners?

I feel like I should tackle something bigger today, like organizing my closet (YIKES!) but we'll see. I also feel like I should confess that I ate 3 Oreo Cookies, which are neither a baked good or a bread product, but I still shouldn't have had them. I didn't know my husband would bring a package of Oreo's into the house when I made my February list or I probably would have also added "no eating over-processed junk food cookies!" Oh well... they sure were good!


  1. Would you like to team up? My daughter is GREAT with "please", it's "thank you" she struggled with. And she is also a few days shy of 17 months old! I think once she says "please" (or "peas", as it sounds), and gets what she wants, she has no time to thank me for it!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  2. Ha ha :-) That's funny! Andy says "thank you" when I hand him something, but if he hands me something he says "say thank you" because that's what he heard me say all the time while I was handing something to him! It cracks me up how their little minds work!