Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bye Bye Cable TV!

Well, it's official... we no longer have T.V. in our house. My husband and I have been talking about giving up the cable for about a month now and today, I finally pulled the plug (literally!) We just felt like it was such a time waster. We weren't really watching anything worth watching. Last month, Matt gave up T.V. altogether, except for the Super Bowl and some of the Olympics. I found that I drastically cut back on my T.V. watching with him, and neither of us missed it. We were both a TON more productive and were spending some more quality time together. We also received a gift of three months of free Netflix for Christmas and started by ordering some television series we had wanted to see and have been working our way through those an episode at a time.

So, today I made the call to the cable company. WOW. They will do and say just about anything to get you to stay! I was on the phone with them for about thirty minutes. The lady kept putting me on hold and then coming back with some new offer until FINALLY she tells me that they can't disconnect my service until I turn in my DVR cable box to the nearest location. Which happens to close in thirty minutes. This makes no sense to me since I know that they have no problem disconnecting service if you don't pay your bill, but, whatever. I hustled on down to the cable place and got there literally 2 minutes before they closed, turned in our cable box, the remote and the power cords... and that was that! Now we will be paying $50 less per month for something we were definitely NOT getting $50 worth of enjoyment out of! Now... we'll see what happens when football season rolls around again...

Since I was on a roll, I called the cell phone company as well and reduced the number of minutes we have to use every month. We have a home phone with unlimited long distance, so it's just silly for us to have anything other than the minimum number of minutes to share on our phones. We don't have data plans or anything, but we do have the text package. I like to text. A lot. I also like to talk. A whole lot. BUT... the people I do most of my talking to are also on Verizon so it's always free for me to talk to them as much as my little heart desires. The biggest change for me will be using the home phone for all of my other calls. We didn't have home phone service for over 7 years, so I'm so used to just using my cell phone for everything, but now that I'm home pretty much all the time, there is just no reason not to just use the home phone. So, our cell phone bill will drop by $35. All in all, that's $85 a month!!! A HUGE savings and I have a feeling we aren't going to feel like we sacrificed anything.


  1. That's great! We were cable-free for about 5 or 6 years. I don't even remember noticing. Recently we turned it back on because my hubby really missed the Golf Channel and I missed Nickelodeon (did I just say that?) But I could go back any time...

  2. Wow! That's a long time! I don't know if we'll go that long, but who knows. We don't miss it at all now, we'll see when football season rolls around. Ha ha :-)