Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Nursery

Today I opted out of cleaning my house (shocker!) in favor of painting an old night stand to put in my son's nursery. It was so nice outside that it just seemed like the perfect thing to cross off of my list today. I bought this night stand about 10 years ago for $10 at a resale place here in Charleston called Granny's Goodies. It's nothing special, but I have not wanted to get rid of it all these years because I thought I might be able to re-purpose it someday.

Well, today was the day! It got a fresh coat of glossy navy blue spray paint and a cute little knob (that I already had on hand). When we had Andy, we were living in our rental house and the nursery wasn't that big (and his nursery now isn't much bigger). Instead of buying a separate changing table, we just got one of those changing table toppers for the top of a dresser that we already had. When he was really little, we kept the wipes and a basket that had cotton swabs, baby powder, diaper rash cream, etc. on top of the dresser. As he has grown taller, he's started to be able to kick the wipes off of the top. The basket hit the road a long time ago when he started pulling everything out of it while we would try and change him!

Andy is quite tall for his age. He consistently falls anywhere between the 98th percentile and greater than 100th percentile for height! However, he still does well being changed on the changing table and it's easier for me than changing him on the floor. So I put this little stand next to the dresser and set the wipes on top. I can't really put anything in the drawer since he can reach it, but I did stash my extra gDiaper inserts underneath. I decided to take pictures of his whole nursery so you can see how we have it laid out. It's nothing special, decorating wise, but we like it, and Andy loves the turtles. We didn't paint it when we moved in, so it's the same boring beige flat paint as 90% of the rest of our house. When he is ready to move out of his crib, he'll actually move into a different room and this will stay the nursery, so we'll do something fun and cute in his "big boy room" and re-evaluate the nursery when we (hopefully) have another baby. If it's a boy, I'm sure it will stay exactly the same, but if it's a girl, then I'd like to do something really cute and girly!

Before Andy was born, I made the "hooks" that his initials are hanging from. I bought a piece of wood and painted it brown and then bought 3 large glass knobs and screwed them in. I love the way it turned out and it was sooooo easy! I put his clothes hamper next to the dresser and I hang his diaper bag (for the cloth diapers and wipes) right on it. Next to that we have a quilt rack that came from my Grandparents and I keep all of his blankets and quilts on there. I re-purposed two large frames that we had and weren't using and put some cute pictures of him that my neighbor took and hung them on the walls. I also recently found the turtle canvas prints that match his crib bedding at Burlington Coat Factory's Baby Depot, so, I bought them and hung them up. I didn't order them with his bedding because I thought they were too expensive, but they were a good price at the Baby Depot, so I couldn't resist! The stand next to the chair is actually the dry sink that goes with our dining room set that was handed down from my Mom. It works better for us in the nursery and coordinates perfectly! We opted not to go with a traditional nursery style glider and ottoman for seating. We decided that having a regular recliner that could fit in easily in our family room would better serve us in the future. We definitely use that chair a lot! I love having it in the nursery.

So, that's a tour of our little guy's nursery! I'm glad that I've finally found that little $10 night stand a happy home!

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