Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to Make Your Own Wipes

Okay, so this is a just a little side project, not actually something off of my list. I have already posted about how to make your own baby wipe solution for using cloth wipes. Well, today I decided that I'm sick of buying wipes to keep downstairs to wipe Andy's hands and face before and after meals. He's not quite old enough yet to wash his hands with soap in the sink and I feel like I need to use soap (or an anti-bacterial wipe) and not just a cloth with warm water for his hands. So, today I made some wipes to keep in the kitchen.

I took a roll of Viva (the Kleenex brand of paper towels) that I already had in my pantry and I cut it in half using a large serrated knife. I used the Viva paper towels instead of one of the rolls of the generic brand that I have because they are really soft and cloth like. Now, I'm not going to lie, cutting those suckers in half was not exactly easy but it was definitely do-able! Then I pulled the cardboard roll out of the middle and I put the paper towels (cut side down) in a round container. I have to admit that I went back out to the store for a container that would fit the paper towels. I scoured my whole house and could NOT believe that I didn't have ANYTHING that would work. Anything I had was too small. I feel kind of bad that I couldn't be more frugal and find a container that worked at home, but one just didn't exist!

So, after I put the towels in the container, I mixed up a batch of wipe solution using only 2 cups of water instead of 3, and then I poured it over the paper towels. I pulled the starter towel up from the middle of the roll, and viola! Now we have a container of homemade wipe on our kitchen counter for a LOT less than buying containers of wipes. I have the other half of the roll stored for when I need a refill. If I didn't have to go to the store to buy the actual container, this whole little project would have taken a lot less time than going to the store to buy wipes!

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  1. What a great idea! Thanks for the tips!