Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rainy Day = TOTAL Laziness!

CLEARLY I have zero motivation today. I just got up from the table after wasting my sons entire nap on the computer, and this is what my kitchen and living room look like. Nice. Yes, that is a half emptied dishwasher and a load of unfolded clothes on the couch.

I did, however, manage to cross something off my list. I went to Walmart and bought a $2 trash can and put it in my laundry room. Wow. That took so much effort I needed to do absolutely nothing productive for the next 3 hours. My husband will be happy. He would like it if we had a trash can in every single room in our house, along with a laundry basket. Okay, so I admit, I hate having to take the lint out of the dryer and throw it away in the kitchen. It's like a 10 foot walk from the laundry room to the trash can. And the lint is so heavy, that it really is a nuisance! Just kidding. But seriously, we needed a trash can in the laundry room. And now it's done. Checking it off the list!

To be fair to myself, I haven't been TOTALLY lazy today. I did go to the gym this morning and run/walk 3 miles on the treadmill. I ran for 2 minutes and walked for 1 minute on and off for the first 2.75 miles and then I ran the last quarter of a mile at a faster pace. My logic was that the faster I ran, the sooner I'd get done and could go save my son from the gym nursery. He acts like I've abandoned him for life when I leave him in there. It's sooooo pitiful. I think it's just as painful for me as he acts like it is for him. He's never crying when I leave (well, today was only the second day he's gone with me)because I always sneak out when he isn't looking, but when I go in to get him, he's sitting on the lady's lap with big teary eyes and when he SEES me... you would think one of the other kids just pummeled him when no one was looking! He starts BAWLING! The lady assures me he has not cried like that the whole time. Just more fussing until she has him sit on her lap. I know it's for dramatic effect.... 'Mom, don't ever leave me in this horrible place with all these fun toys and doting nursery attendant ever EVER again!!!!' He never gets left anywhere, and I feel bad, but I also feel like he can learn to spend 45 minutes in the nursery so I can work out and then spend an hour in the church nursery on Sundays so that we can stop going to the family and children's service and start going to the regular service.

I have no idea how long this adjustment is supposed to take, but I'm going 3 days a week with him and I'm going to give him a few weeks. If he doesn't get used to it by then, then I guess I will go back to going to the gym at night and try again when he's a little older. It's just harder to go at night because it's easier to come up with excuses during the day for why I shouldn't go to the gym, and honestly, by the time my husband gets home from work, I'm just plain tired.

Now that I posted a picture of my kitchen I feel like I need to go clean it!!!

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  1. Just about what my house looks like today. Yup, that would be it.