Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello March!

Wow! I can't believe today is the first day of month number THREE! Switching everything over on my blog from February to March, I couldn't help but feel a sense of accomplishment! I'm really proud of myself at this particular moment. I feel like things are running more smoothly in our home. Our house has never looked better! The only two major areas left to clean out are the garage (Lord help us!) and the master bedroom (the photos of that will be my most embarrassing post, for SURE!). I've implemented cleaning schedules I can stick with. I am feeling much less anxious all the time, and especially much, MUCH less overwhelmed all the time!

The other thing that has been a lot of fun for me this last month has been watching the changes in my husband. He has been more motivated than I have seen him in a really long time (as I'm sure he is thinking the same thing about me) and I think that clearing the cobwebs out of our life has brought us closer together. We both seem to have a lot less anxiety. We still have a lot to work on as far as our eating and exercise habits go, but I feel like the more of the "other things" we are taking care of in our lives, the more space it is freeing up to focus on our health.

Last month I lost TEN pounds! I'm so happy about that! This month I hope to lose another ten more. I did indulge in some baked goods today though... in a really fun way! My future sister-in-law brought me eight wedding cake samples to try on her way home from her bakery appointment! It was a lot of fun having eight bites of different yummy cakes. She also brought me this really cute little wooden carved "Love" decoration in this pretty deep red color (which is the accent color in my finally put together living room) just because she saw it thought it would look cute on my shelf! She's the best! I love it! It was the final little touch that our new built-in shelves needed.

I guess tonight I'm feeling very blessed, proud and encouraged to tackle the next thirty one resolutions on my list!

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