Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Most Embarrassing Post (thus far!)

Okay, SO... I just posted these pictures of our master bedroom. Horrible, right??!! It totally stresses me out every time I go in there! There really is no excuse. The reason it's like that is because I have nothing to get the room set up and put together. We've never had a room this big or closets this big, so there is all this extra space and no furniture to fill it, and we don't really need dressers in the room (although I think I'll keep this one in there and store linens or something just so that we have something other than the bed in there), I don't have blinds for the windows yet, or bedside tables, or anything to put that TV on (if we even decide to keep it in there) and I don't even have any kind of matching bedding. So, it's kind of just been the room I pretend like doesn't exist. Except that we have to sleep in there every night. Although as long as I'm showing pictures of my room, I might as well admit that sometimes I sleep in the guest room because for one, it's by far the cutest room in the house and two, our mattress is terrible, and the one in the guest room is so comfy! Anyway, I've piled all kinds of stuff in there as I've cleaned other rooms. I've totally been procrastinating cleaning it up, so, I just took pictures and posted them. Now I feel like I HAVE to go and clean it! I need to just get over the fact that it won't be decorated yet, but at least it can be CLEAN!

I should also mention the item I'm crossing off my list. This morning I mailed a photo CD to my mother in-law. My camera had kicked the bucket, so she had given me a free one that she had received when she bought her computer. I told her that I would put all of the pictures she had on the memory card onto a CD for her and send it to her. So, this morning, it went in the mail. Although... I won't actually be needing that camera anymore! Yesterday I bought a "new" camera from someone on Craig's List, for a steal! It's just a point and shoot... I can dream of one day having a digital SLR... but it's much nicer than my old camera! I love it! I have been selling some things from around the house that we don't use anymore on Craig's List to save up to buy my husband's birthday gift and I had some extra so I used it on a camera for myself!

Okay, enough procrastinating... I'm off to CLEAN. THE. BEDROOM! (dragging my feet, kicking and screaming the whole way)


  1. Hahaha! I love it! Ours is the same, except imagine all that stuff in half the space. I literally have to climb over bins to get into bed. So embarrassing. Thanks as always for motivating me to get my butt in gear. :)

  2. I've found that posting my mess helps me become motivated to clean it!! Just think about how wonderful it will look when you finish cleaning!!

  3. I'm going to take a picture of mine right now and my closet. You'll feel much better. It's on my list to start today.