Monday, March 8, 2010

Cleaning Out The Garage

I'm pleased to say that we have finally started working on our garage. I'm not going to post before and after pictures until we are done, but we did make quite a bit of progress this weekend. Actually, Matt started working on it at night a few times last week, and then we both spent about 2-3 hours out there on Sunday after church. Matt made a trip to the dump and I made a trip to Goodwill. We have a few things out there that need to be listed for sale on Craig's List, but otherwise, the bulk of what is left is all organization.

Our garage was really bad because of a couple of reasons.

1. We had bins of stuff that had been boxed up for 3 years. When we moved from North Carolina back to Charleston three years ago, we were not very methodical in our packing. There was not much order to what went into what bins. We lived in rental houses for the first 2 years we were here and didn't have room to unpack everything. So, those bins sat in the detached garage at our rental house, unopened, for three years. When we moved here, they just went immediately to the garage to be dealt with later. There is a certain amount of stress that comes along with having bins full of stuff that you have ignored for so long, so I'm glad to FINALLY be tackling it!

2. We were renovating TWO houses in North Carolina when we moved to Charleston. Yes, we are crazy. Friends and family used to tell us that all the time. Even after we moved, we continued to do most of the work on the houses ourselves. We would drive 4 hours up and 4 hours back to North Carolina every... single... weekend. It was a crazy and hectic time. When we were finished with our renovations and got the houses rented out, all the left over construction stuff just got piled into (you guessed it!) MORE bins in our garage... totally disorganized... and then moved to the new house.

3. Random furniture. I have held on to random furniture for several years that I either got for really cheap or were hand me downs, because I wanted to wait until we were out of our rental house before I got rid of it. I didn't want to get rid of anything I might have a place for. Since we have moved in, I've put some of the furniture to use in our house, and other things I have given away, but there are still some random things out in that garage that I need to either list on Craig's List or take to Goodwill.

But... I did sort through ALL of the bins that were "mine." That picture is what I now have to distribute around the house. They aren't all full and I have gone through everything in there and know it is stuff I would like to hold onto. I moved it all INTO the house so that it will (hopefully) force me to put it all way.

It was really fun going through the bins. I found things that I had totally forgotten I even had! I'll probably start working on getting everything out of the bins and put away tomorrow. I got a few other things done over the weekend too, that I am crossing off my list:

1. New floor mats for the car. Ours were rubber and the driver's side was so ripped that occasionally my foot would get caught in it! NOT safe! Now we have the carpet and rubber mats... oh, and they look so nice and CLEAN! I also cleaned out the whole car and vacuumed and wiped everything down and then washed the exterior. The whole process took me about 2 hours on Saturday, but it was totally worth it!

2. Send in church tithes. We just became members of a new church and I have procrastinated terribly on sending in our yearly financial commitment. Shameful. It's now MARCH. But, I finally took care of that and feel much better. This item in particular was really nagging at me.

Okay, off to tackle something today!!!

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