Friday, March 5, 2010

The Keg

Well, this was not on my list, but I still feel like I need to do a post about it. Today, I returned a keg & tap to Total Wine & More that we got almost exactly ONE YEAR AGO! We went on a ski trip last March with about ten other people to Snowshoe, WV. We do this most years. And most years everyone brings too much beer and we have a bunch left over. So, last year, my husband got a keg instead and told everyone not to bring any beer. I don't really like beer, but I'm assuming this situation worked out well for everyone else.

So... this keg... has sat... in our garage... SINCE LAST MARCH! It's not like we drove across state lines to get the thing! Total Wine is a fifteen minute drive away from our house. It was only a ten minute drive away from our old house. Yes, we were living in our rental house last March. So, yes, we actually MOVED the keg, on moving day in July in OVER one hundred degree heat!!!! Because somehow it was easier to relocate it to our new garage than to actually return it. That makes perfect sense.

Well, this week, Matt started working on cleaning out our garage. That garage is the shame of our house right now... well, tied with our master bedroom... but we'll get there. So, I told him to just put the stupid keg in the back of the car and I'd take it this week. The other bonus to getting the keg out of our house is that we had paid a deposit. Which I got back today. Thirty dollars on the keg and thirty dollars on the tap!!!!! SIXTY DOLLARS!!! I had no clue! I thought it was only $25 or $30 total. I would have done that a long time ago!

The lady at Total Wine pulled our information and read the date, looked at me and said with disbelief "This was a YEAR ago??!!!" What??!! No one else takes a year to return a keg? Come on! We can't be the only ones! Right? RIGHT????!!!! She was looking at me like 'what kind of crazy person holds onto an empty keg for a year and then actually returns it?!' Well, a girl on a mission! That's who! And thanks for my sixty bucks back!!!!


  1. NICE! So what did you do with the sixty bucks?!

  2. Ha ha! Not sure yet!!! But DEFINITELY not going to pay bills! :-)