Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Gift Card

So, a few days ago I posted pictures of our master bedroom (eek!) and I finally finished getting it cleaned out. Actually, I was done cleaning it yesterday, but since we don't have a light in there (that's right, we've lived here for 9 months and don't have a light in our bedroom... don't judge me!) I couldn't take pictures last night to post! ha! So, it took me a few days because I couldn't work on it at night (light probably would be helpful) and the second day, I got so entirely distracted looking for a lost gift card that I couldn't focus on anything else. All that happened the second day was that the other two bedrooms got completely torn apart as I pulled everything out of every box, bag, bin or dresser drawer looking for this gift card.

Uggghhhh... the gift card. I'm so upset and embarrassed that I can't find this gift card. I feel like it makes me seem ungrateful for the gift, and that is NOT the case at all, not even close. My birthday is in June and my husband very generously gave me a $100 gift card to Michael's. I have NEVER had that much money to spend in a craft store! Well, we closed on this house the first week of June and spent the whole first month putting hardwood floors in the downstairs (ourselves) before we moved in because quite honestly, we would have gone insane having carpet downstairs with three dogs. We didn't want to pay the builder's price for hardwoods and we could only afford them if we installed them ourselves. So, that's what we did. Almost every night of the week. While packing up all of our stuff to move. Well, that gift card was given to me in the middle of all of THAT, and it got misplaced. I didn't worry too much about it because I just figured I'd find it when I finally got everything sorted and put away... but I didn't. I have now gone through EVERYTHING. There is nothing left to sort through. I spent three hours looking for it. My only hope is that it is stuck between papers or in something and I'm going to find it when I least expect it, but honestly, I'm sick over it. Who loses a $100 gift card???

At least we can finally walk to our bed. I cleaned everything out of the room, vacuumed and steam cleaned the carpets. The only issue is that I "clean" by moving things from one room to the other. So, although I got rid of about a quarter of the stuff, three quarters of it has been re-distributed, to go through at a later date. i.e. April's list!

In my cleaning, I did find a $25 gift card to Old Navy though! That was a surprise! I didn't remember I had it. Andy needed some new short sleeve shirts for summer since he's outgrown the ones he currently has, so I went the other night and got him 4 new shirts and only paid eighty cents out of pocket. That was rewarding.

Since we don't have TV anymore, we've been getting DVD's through Netflix thanks to a three month subscription we received as a Christmas gift. Tonight we watched the documentary "No Impact Man." If you haven't heard of it, it's a documentary about Colin Beavan and his wife and young daughter, and their year long journey to make as minimal of an environmental impact as possible. It's given me a lot to think about. I know that as my year of 365 Resolutions goes on, that there are a lot of environmentally driven goals that I want to tackle, so it was interesting for me to see what things they were able to do without and how easy or difficult it was for them. One thing that I found really interesting was that they did things in phases. They didn't try to change all of their habits at once. I think that was a very smart way to do things. It's something I will be thinking about as I work on my April resolutions. Definitely check the video out if you get the chance!


  1. Gift Card-Schmift Card...when is "Date Night With Husband" going to be crossed off your list. Does it actually get it's own blog post???

  2. Hmmmm... I wonder who anonymously wrote that comment? ;-) It will get it's own blog post if it's an interesting enough date night, so I guess you'd better start planning now! (although since our last "date night" consisted of going to get our taxes done, I guess you don't have to shoot very high) ha ha