Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Guess I'm Bad At Math... Or Maybe I'm Just Lazy

I know I am supposed to be doing one thing per day off my list, after all, that is the whole point of my blog, yet, somehow, on the last day of each month I still have four or five things left to cross off! Either I can't add very well or I'm just lazy. I think I'm lazy, because really, how hard is it to add one plus one plus one plus one... until you reach thirty one??!! Apparently for me, it's pretty difficult!

Okay, well, today I brought a bag of groceries to our church office to help stock the food ministries pantry with needed items and I caulked all of the nail holes in the quarter round. Let me just say that I HATE CAULKING! My severe hatred of caulking began when we were renovating an 1,100 square foot house that we bought in foreclosure three years ago. We re-did pretty much everything. This included tearing down the old rotted disgusting wood siding on all 4 sides of the house and putting up Hardiplank siding ourselves (thank goodness it was a 1 story house!). Nothing makes you hate caulking worse than when you have to caulk the whole exterior of a house... well, that is, until you get inside and have to re-do ALL of the baseboards, crown molding, corner molding... and the list goes on. Then it just plain stinks! However, it's no secret in our household that Matt builds things, installs things and fixes things and I finish them. So, I am officially the caulker, painter, drywall taping, mudding and sanding, color palate chooser, fixture picker-outer and decorator in our relationship!

So, after we installed the hardwood floors downstairs when we moved into our house, it only took nine months before we put the corner molding down. And even that isn't actually ALL done. But, today I dutifully spackled all of those little holes while scooting around my floors in black workout pants and picking up every spec of dirt, dust, pollen and dog hair with my rear end. You would NEVER know I just vacuumed and mopped them yesterday afternoon!

Okay, so I just switched out "painting the door to the storage under the stairs" for something on my April list (which is already done... yay!) because, quite honestly, I can't handle any more painting right now! So, I'm off to break down all of the paperboard boxes in our recycling because I think that is why they are not emptying it on paper recycling day!

My final post of the month will be typed up at Starbucks tonight... where I will be enjoying my last hot chocolate before I swear off Starbucks for the month of April... sigh.

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